Vray reflections


I’d appreciate if someone can explain why is this reflection with such strong border.
Why the rest of the windows don’t reflect the same like the others on the same side (they are all in the same plane)? How come one glass plane has 2 different reflections? i don’t have anything blocking the reflection from the dome. There are dome and VraySun in the scene. Also, I noticed that it depends on the camera position. When i change it, it changes, I suppose it is relation between camera and light, i just don’t understand and I’d like to.

Thank you.


No idea really. Looks like a strangely sharp fresnel transition. Any normals on the glass and is it a continuous surface or a separate pane for each window? What happens if you replace the glass material with one made from scratch?

Double faces perhaps? And do the windows have one glass pane or two?


First of all, thank you for your interest and your time, it means a lot, I’m really trying hard to learn Vray.

It is one single plane (one window glass), and one plane for each floor.
Think it is material, and light combined. When I change refraction IOR, the line moves across windows. I made another material and changed hdri, it’s a lot better. But still don’t get it what was wrong with the previous.
How did you learn VRay? I am watching tutorials, but I think I need someone I can ask questions, and solve problems with.

Thank you.


Far from a V-Ray expert, but I prefer written tutorials or using the pretty decent documentation along with simply playing with different parameters. Video tutorials can be nice, too, but many times they are really long winded and impractical, in my opinion. Finding someone to learn with you or to ask questions directly to is a good idea, but in the meantime forums are probably your best bet. The plugin sub forum here is traditionally less frequented, though, as it used to be a nestled in the main max forum, so you might get more responses in the main max forum. There’s also the Chaos Group forum, of course.

Did you use the correct IOR for glass and correct mapping coordinates for your HDRI?

You could post a broken down version of your scene. (Just the camera, building as far as necessary, light and HDRI standin. Something that recreates the error you are seeing).