Vray gpu slower than cpu mode, maya 2019


Both cuda and rtx render slower than the CPU one

While the cpu one renders for more or less 40 seconds the gpu ones take around 1.10 minutes both rtx and cuda

The scene is pretty basic a plane, and some random basic geometries, sharing the same shader

My config:
Ryzen 2700x, rtx 2070 super, 4x8gb 3ghz ram, 970 evo, ch vi x370, a couple of hdds

Futhermore when rendering with the gpu, from the task manager it does show an usage of ±30% of the cpu while the gpu is barely used

But meanwhile on hwmonitor it does show an 100% of usage of the GPU;
Dunno whats happening, if it’s the task manager that is showing incorrect datas or what in this case, but having an issue with the gpu timings, I think that it was worth to take note of that


The Task manager isnt a valuable tool.
Use GPUz to meassue the GPU usage.

And some Scenes are slower on GPU. Specially if there are a lot of volumes or heavy shaders in it.

Use the Vray Benchmark tool to see if there is something wrong with your system.