Vray 5 installation error 3Ds Max 2022 HELP!


Hi, Im trying to install vray 5.1 on my computer for 3ds max 2022, but I get an error saing file failed. It fails to download assets or materials from Vray. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and resetting my pc, disabled antivirus/firewall just in case, but nothing of this worked. This are the errors I get:
[HttpDldDone::expectStatus] -1: Unexpected HTTP status (504)
[DownloaderImpl::downloadFiles] -1: Downloading “assets/Ceramic & Porcelain/Porcelain_D_Bump_hires_raw.tx” file failed

[HttpDldDone::expectStatus] -1: Unexpected HTTP status (504)
[DownloaderImpl::downloadFiles] -1: Downloading “VRSceneMaterials/Fabric/Carpet_B01_200cm.vrscene” file failed

Thanks in advanced :smiley: