[Vray 3.6] Reflection artifacts


Hello. I encountered an issue with reflection on some areas/polygons. I tried to remodel these parts but the problem remained. However on some models i didn’t have this issue(using the same material) though I build mesh in usual way. What can be the cause of this.bug
Attemps to fix with using UV Map didn’t help.


What’s the problem you’re talking about? It looks like a small reflective knob to me. What is it reflecting? The ceiling?


Tris artifact was caused by BRDF. The artifact may appear in different modes with different values of anisotropy and axis. Depending on geometry it may or may not appear on some areas. Still haven’t figured out what can be the reason.


Can you post the wires? It looks like a problem of normals. Are you using any kind of displacement in the material?


Nope, no displacement or any map was used, only BRDF shader.