Vote: Modeling Challenge Topic


Please choose the topic that most interests you.


Thanks David.!

We’re up & running!!!

Did you set a dealine on voting?


I’m glad to see this here. The truth is, I’d be pretty content doing any of these topics…


Originally posted by hoochoochoochoo

Did you set a dealine on voting? [/B]

14 days.


Do you think it needs to be up for two weeks? Why so long?
Any chance in cutting that in half or even fourths?
Anxious to start a new project :wink:


Originally posted by thekamps
Do you think it needs to be up for two weeks? Why so long?

My guess: gives people who don’t come here that often a chance to vote


My fault. I already understood the obvious.
What I should have wrote was that I thought two weeks was a little overkill and that I wanted to see what others thought about a shorter voting time period.
Last time (and this is just from some old guys memory) we had about 50 people respond. Mostly over the weekend and then not much after that. That’s why I thought 2 weeks was a bit long but it’s fine with me. We might be able to tell by Monday if one is strongly favored or not and possibly get a jump start.
Only time will tell;)


I voted for head mesh although detailed head mesh was a very close second in my mind. I’m looking forward to this. NOw I’m just gonna think of who I’m going to do a caricature of (assuming that stays in first.


Well it looks like I’ll be spending the next month packing & moving into my new house so CG freetime is gonna sparse for the forseeable future. Will probably have to sit this one out. was looking forward to it too.




Well the voting is gonna take two weeks alone


Last time, someone posted on the Hash forum advertising the competition. We could do that again. I am sure that Steve won’t mind as Hash seems pretty pleased with the animation that Jim and Steve made.


looks like the famous person charicature is winning, can we each choose our own person or do we set a poll and compete to model one particular famous person?


Looks like the winner will be Famous Person (unless a whole slew of people show up and vote for something else :slight_smile: )

So lets let the poll run until say Monday and i’ll post Rules/Guidelines etc.

-David Rogers


The great thing about choosing the ‘famous person caricature’, which I voted for, is it will be easy to devise a animation contest for it afterwards. For example, finding humorous dialogue from say George W, won’t be too difficult and will make a great lip synch exercise.

PS. I think it should be up to the individual contestant who they decide to model.


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