Volumentric Clouds like PyroCluster but on Geometry?


I tried to render some shaped clouds with pyrocluster but I find the setup with particles as spheroids quite cumbersome. I just wanted to render a custom polygonal shape filled as a cloud - is there a possible workaround or a plugin or shader for this?

Thanks in advance!



Use a Matrix object, put your geometry in the Object slot and generate Thinking Particles


Ahh ok, I was pondering that - but wouldn’t that mean the particle-pyro-spheres need to be pretty small to get a recognizeble shape? I will try this, maybe it will be tuneable!

If anyone feels the urge to cook up a preset to dissect: you are welcome :smiley:


Pyrocluster Matrix 2.c4d.zip (58.9 KB)

Like this


Awesome! Thank you! Looking into it now! :smiley: