Volume Builder + Shader Field for rolling fog


I’ve got a nice fog look going using a shader field with a noise in it childed to a volume builder.

The problem I’m having is the noise is not moving through the volume at all even though I’ve got a movement vector in place (-20, 0, -20) and speed set (I’ve tried values from 1% to 200%)

How does one get a noise texture to move inside a volume builder?


I also just tried by using the “animation speed” parameter. It clearly animates in the texture preview (inside the noise shader) But does not animate inside the volume.


you have to check anim within shader field options then set speed within the noise …


ha! I was just coming back to post that I had found that. Has that always been there? I feel like in R19 and earlier we didn’t need to check that.



R19 and earlier didn´t have fields :slight_smile:


hahaha. You are right. I was thinking it was inside the noise shader. I see now it is in the field.

I clearly need more coffee or better meds. haha


I’d love to see a render of your fog using volumes. Sounds neat! I’ve gotta find time to get into volumes.


Interestingly, after a full day working through different fog setups and getting just the right look, my client has decided to not have fog in the shot.

All I can do is laugh at this point! haha

When I get her approval on the look, I’ll clear the scene out to just the fog and render a pass of that for you to check out.