Volume Builder and Mesher Question [solved]


Is there a way to output vertex maps from compositing elements on the Volume builder so I can use them onto the Mesher ?

I want to achieve a transition material like in Metaballs were individual connected elements still retain their original material and their common resulting mesh is a blend of their material properties.

I’m using R20.


Hope this helps, might not work with

a more complex set up. After generating the Volume mesh, I made a vertex map for the source objects, combined them, kept them in the same worlds space, and used Vamp to transfer the map weights. The image has the combined source models moved down to see them, they are not moved down when using VAMP.


Nice approach. I’ve never worked with the character animation system of C4D.

If I understand correctly the steps are the following:

  1. generate the Volume mesh
  2. made a vertex map for the source objects
  3. combined them
  4. keep them in the same worlds space
  5. use Vamp to transfer the map weights

How did you combine the source objects in step 3 ? Connect Object or Connect Object + Delete cmd ?
Should I convert the mesher to an editable/current state to object before step 4 ?
When do I bake the textures ? (saw the BakeTexture tags)


Glad you like the idea!
For Step 3 I used the “combine” command and not “combine and delete”… incase I needed the source models in the volume builder again to make edits

Right, Step 4 convert the mesher to a polygon object, VAMP needs real not parametric verts to map onto.

The texture tag was used to bake an AO vertex map onto the right side source sphere before combine, to get the vertex fall off into a vertex map. And I adjusted the AO contrast value in render globals to enhance the effect before texture baking.

I am wondering if fields could be used in some kind of set up to make the vertex map parametric and updated-able on the fly.


Turns out that Fields are a more elegant solution. But the Volume mesher does not understand the vertex tag, so it still needs to be converted to a polygon object. So the mesher shape can not be animated and accept the vertex map info on the fly. Sample C4D scene if interested.


Thank you a lot