Volume builder and fields (S22)


I am trying to recreate this effect of the floor liner appearing as it flows across the floor.
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I took a CAD file of an indoor mat, made a volume using .1cm voxel size, then used a linear wipe with random noise (perlin) field to make it appear. It still looks chunky and doesn’t flow as smooth as I would like since parts of the mat pop on due to the noise pattern. There is also a SDF smooth at 10% on the mesh. I upped the noise to 200% scale to try and smooth out the animation. Any ideas on making this animation “flow” better?

Since I have the CAD file, is there a way to mask on the original file over the volume as it flows along, either in C4D or with an exported pass into After Effects?

Thanks for any help. This is my first post and I’ve only been working in C4D for about 2 weeks.