Vive and Oculus Viewer for C4D


Ah, I didn’t realize you were connected to them. Maybe that is common knowledge, but from your previous post it sounded like you were saying someone beat you to it. I also didn’t notice that it came with the $99 version- that is pretty affordable. Thanks!


Yes everything in this thread is all the same company. :slight_smile:


I have an educational license, and would really love to use this tool in order to further build up my portfolio for my upcoming entrance examination.

My attempts to export my scenes alongside my animations to unity have failed to work in the manner I’d wish; however when I’ve attempted to purchase this plugin - I was unable to as my cinema 4d license is a server license, and not an individual license.

Is there a way for making this plugin accessible for students ?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hi Kent, I don’t know if you have continued with the development of this plugin to have the C4D viewport in Oculus Rift, I am now working on a long series of scenes for VR and really when composing the scene it would be great to have access to the viewport directly from Rift and be able to compose the proportions and especially the depth of the scene.

Currently I have to make a render and export it to Rift and then I can see the scene but if I could do it directly in the viewport it would help a lot.

Please count on me for testing and to acquire the plugin,

Diego Bonati


The plugin is still for sale.

Some users have gotten it working with a Quest 2 by running it using Steam VR. You might be able to make it work on a Rift as well, but I can’t guarantee that it will work.

The viewer is very basic, but good for just getting a sense of scale of your scene with basic lighting and texturing.