Vive and Oculus Viewer for C4D


I’ve got a Rift CV1 with a 1070 (and 970) on this system. I think it would be fun to work with Cinema4d in VR but I don’t know that I could do full projects with it. It’s more of a novelty like most things VR at this point.

I agree with a lot of the posts here. I had higher hopes when I first got my Rift but truthful it’s just something fun to tinker with for a little bit on the weekend. I haven’t played a game that made me want to use it for hours or daily yet. There was huge hype for VR while these things were still in pre-order stages and while the initial experiences are positive it has slowed down. I would love for AAA developers to truly support VR but currently the selection of things to try are very much lower budget indie titles. Not knocking indie development but I had hoped for some more quality title support by now. I am hoping the PSVR gets the motivation back since that will be more accessible to the general public rather than more devoted PC users who are more comfortable spending hundreds of dollars just to be able to use a VR headset.

edit: Well… I just saw the Microsoft news from today. That might help things as well. $299 is a good price point I think as long as the hardware is good. :smiley:


It’s good to hear different viewpoints, and possibly I have over-generalized my own enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Yes the big 3A devs have been slow to invest on elite titles. But I’ve had a blast already with indy titles.

I was once a tournament-level ping pong player and I love playing ping pong in VR. I enjoy billiards almost as much as on a real table. Lately I’ve been playing VR basketball and am eager to try out VR golf.

TiltBrush is a hoot and Raw Data is a holler. Sometimes late at night before bed I’ll go in and play with stars and planets and enjoy the aetherial music. Quiets me down before sleep.

More than anything…since i work at home…VR is just ultra-awesome for my breaks from work. I can get off my ass… and let my thoughts run away from the mundane. Some games really do provide some light exercise.

Now I also concede that I usually don’t like real long sessions as the standing/walk around–while more immersive, tends to be limiting. I also concede that wearing current HMDs get tiresome after 45 minutes or so. I usually play for 15-30 minutes at a time.

I have noticed a lull in game releases and I think devs are holding off until the holiday shopping time-frame.


I don’t think it is that they’ve been slow to invest, but that the trend grew really fast and AAA titles are usually years in development. Even the near future ones unless really obvious like flying or driving a vehicle, require a lot of redesign to make them work well. I think Final fantasy 15 will be a prime example of a long term AAA project that tries to squeeze in VR. It will be interesting to see if it really adds to the experience particularly for a 70+hour game.taking breaks between missions or races in battle front or forza makes even more for a good vr experience, but a game where you constantly grind for 2-4 hours on average per session will help to show the viability.

I hope Sony does some good surveying a few months into psvr once the pro gets onto the market so also help derive if the higher frame rate makes a substantial difference in the users response to VR particularly in long term sessions. While I can occasionally forgive a shot burst of cruddy frame rate (though it also takes away from the experience) I imagine long term sessions will absolutely require the frame rate to reduce fatigue.

I’ve high hopes for these new windows VR headsets as the designs they are currently showing look to be inspired much by the hololens and the psvr, which comfort wise are far better than the occulus imo, and probably the vive as well. Balance is as important as weight and these systems that use straps to latch a lot of weight to the front of your head are terrible for long use and also in my experiences with the occulus and samsung vr, also much more apparent compare to the psvr that you’ve got something hanging on your face. I’d take a headset liekt he psvr for comfort over the occulus anyday.


Hi Kent,

Love what you’re trying to do with this plug-in. I have Vive + GTX1080 + R17 so would love to give it a try.

I did the brograph(?) tutorial before on DK-2 and was able to get my C4D scene into unity and walk around. I’m pretty sure your tool would work really well to pre-viz very quickly which really interests me.

Once you have the basic scene setup, you then jump in to Unity and add the interactivity, but I love your approach to get things started.

Seems this thread has gotten a little diluted with opinions on VR trends etc rather than focusing on your awesome work/idea.

My 10cents - This is definitely not a “fad” - 3DTV yes for sure (as is 3D at the cinema), but this has WAY more applications.

Keep up the good work and let me know how I can get involved. Exciting times!



I have a Vive I’m using almost daily to walk clients through their arch-vis projects. More design exploration than anything else at this point. It’s a big hit. I’m painfully exporting to Sketchup and using the free version of the IrisVR app. Been trying to make Unity work but haven’t got a good work flow yet.

I’d write a big check to have a straight out of Cinema solution in the near future.


Hi Archigraphica, imrsvhk,

Great to know there are a few more people out there. The plugin is on hold at the moment but I will be jumping back into it soon. There will be a plugin that works directly in Cinema 4D as well as a stand alone viewer that will load a custom file format and C4D files. Unfortunately this project is not high priority at the moment but is something I would really like to get done as soon as I have the time.



Can’t wait!


Looking for a solution with C4D and a VR Headset for event marketing.
Happy to test out a beta if your willing to share :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

This video shows the current state of progress on the VR viewer.

I am using an HTC Vive with an Nvidia 1080 graphics card.


The viewer has been integrated into 4D Publish and will be available as part of the next 1.5 release as a bonus Alpha feature.

There is still a lot more work that needs to be done. There is currently no interaction with C4D (ie using controllers to move things around).

It’s a really interesting way to look at your models. Being able to walk around your model and check out all the details feels quite natural.



Nice job! Anxious to get this.


You are building something very important.

The most immediate commercial use might be realtime architectural visualization - walking through buildings in VR.

So a C4D user who is given buildings/interiors to render might be able to supply a VR walkthrough version as well.

VR headsets will probably get cheaper in the next 2 - 3 years. So your demand will probably go up.


I just got myself a rift and touch, as there is enough mention of vr in my work freelance environments for it to seem foolish to not get one. If you need another tester, let me know


This is hugely exciting - it will make workflow much quicker. As it stands, I’m testing using youtube VR which is time consuming to say the least. I’m working with an oculus rift right now. I would love to know when it comes out. Will you be supporting the oculus?


Unfortunately I do not have an Oculus to test with. So the first release will just be for HTC Vive. If I end up getting enough sales and if there is also enough interest in Oculus support then I would be more than happy to add it in.


For those reading here is a small update. There is now support for the following…

  • Normals for shading
  • Using Light Sources from C4D (point lights for now)
  • Animated Lights
  • Animated Objects (move, scale and rotation)

So you can now hit play in C4D and see your objects fly around the scene while in VR. Its a lot of fun.


Sweet! Eager to try.


Oculus user here


In case people missed it…

4D Publish 1.5 now includes a viewer for HTC Vive.


Does this mean you will no longer be working on your project? I have a Vive and a Rift and would be willing to test for you. I hadn’t heard of 4D Publish, which sounds really cool, but I’m not sure I need all the features to justify the price.


The VR Viewer is still being developed and improved. It is part of the 4D Publish Basic Edition which is $99.

Even though 4D Publish includes other features, if we broke out the viewer into its own plugin it would still be $99. The way it is now you are getting all other features for free essentially. By combining multiple solutions into the Basic edition it saved us the additional effort of creating multiple products, and gives you multiple features, instead of just one specific feature, at the same price.