Vive and Oculus Viewer for C4D


I had Oculus DK2 but sold it in need of cash and because the graphic card did not fit into my pc that was needed to run VR kit. Id rather focus on projects that pay. Perhaps vr is taking off after few years as a serious business for freelance 3d artists.


No I haven’t tried that one. I do realize we’re ahead of where we were in the 90s but based on what I’ve read and people I’ve spoken to (and perhaps they hadn’t used that particular model either), to me it just seems like the headsets are not quite there yet.

The one you’re talking about… how heavy is it / now easy is it to adjust to your head so that it stays put without being constrictive?

I know there are “built solutions” where you buy the visor and gear out of the box, and there are others that adapt to your phone. Are there any you would recommend for use with iPhone SE?


Yeah if I can find time this winter I intend to based on some of the feedback here.


Regarding google glass; no, I dont think this will amount to anything in the near future. The tipping point will be when the battery can last an entire day with GPS active, and the bulk of the computer and battery dont make a significant difference to a typical pair of glasses. At that point it could be an interesting option, but right now, worthwhile augmented reality needs the power of a smartphone and about 3000+ma hour battery to last an entire day, thats a long way from fitting into a pair of glasses.

Eventually, sure, but 10+ years.


Its not heavy at all. At least I don’t think so. No real need to adjust anything for you head either. It has velcro adjustable elastic banding. But I have never need to touch anything for anyone that has used it so far. Only adults though. It doesn’t feel constrictive at all. When its on you are in another world. You totally forget about the headset (and everything / everyone around in you the room as well which is amusing when watching people use it).

Samsung GearVR is pretty good. But you need the latest phone (Galaxy S7). But it won’t give you the quality like a Vive or Rift does. For any long term use (more than a couple of minutes) I would go for a Vive, so that you can be sure that the frame rate stays high and because of the head tracking. I have known people to use previous gen devices (including the old Oculus DK2) and immediately gotten sick and thrown up all day. This was because of low frame rate and slow head tracking. If it doesn’t update fast enough then your mind can’t align what its seeing with what your body is doing.


You’re right. I do not see much demand for this as a freelance artist at this stage. But I think this technology will take off in industrial and architectural areas. But that would be for in house full time dev + artist teams. It will already be being used, they are always early adopters in this area.


I’d say the biggest hurdle at the moment is the entry price.
Oculus initially aimed to sell the headset for 350$.
Nvidia aimed their 1070 at the mainstream gamer market.

The sad truth is that an Oculus Rift would cost me around 699 effing EURO.
And the 1070 starting with 400€ is far from a mainstream price.
That is without “Touch” controller and games.
So we talking 1200+ € for entertainment which isn’t actually there. I see not one single proper AAA title playable i would regard as system seller or as something i would want right now.

Over-promising and under-delivering. Classic!
If it where the other way around i would be a happy customer.


Nice timing!


Well my input is purely anecdotal. The reason I’ve not implemented support for VR headsets camera controller in DeGamma even though it offers split screen stereoscopic OGL viewport display with lens distortion already is simply a lack of interest from users and the cost factors involved. Some companies such as oculus require you to own the product before allowing you access to the API, and because the cost is so very high that very few people currently have these headsets.

I think it’s a combination of cost and workflow that are the barriers. Getting people to put the things on at all is a hurdle, they feel self conscious and it has the whole minority report ergonomic problem if you do anything other than just look, it also requires some space for safety. It’s hard enough to get people to put on 3D glasses for a movie, let alone a VR set. Then on top of that the cost is currently so high that without a killer application it’s just a luxury that most can’t justify. Even if the cost came down though it needs to offer something clearly superior in terms of workflow for professionals to embrace it. For consumers they need the content. I actually love the concept of it and have since the early 90’s, but I do think VR has quite a hill to climb.


Since the psVR works in in theater mode while plugged into any hdmi, I’m waiting to see when someone figures out how to hack the USB to drive the stereo experience. As Mentioned in Mash’s video they are way to expensive currently and the general consumers are picking the cardboard compatible $30 headsets,the gear VR and I sure we’ll see the daydream do well.

As Per said though, for our actual C4D session, there needs to be a benefit and frankly what your plugin is showing isn’t even for producing work just moving or viewing the viewport. I don’t see the benefit. I’ll be exporting my content to a game engine with proper support already. So it isn’t aiding my while modeling. I need the C4D interface or something like that in the virtual world to be able to actual produce content.


Yes you are correct. Currently the picture attached for this plugin is just showing a viewer. After that interaction will be added to interact directly with the scene in C4D. Then some new UI to allow for modelling, sculpting and painting tools.

I should also point out again that this plugin is not a business idea. I am not trying to convince anyone to buy anything. This thread is mainly to gather info to see who has a device that could use the plugin. I am developing it for myself and would like to see who else has one and would like to use it. There seem to be enough people interested, so I will put a version up for download when its done.

I will be giving the C4D version away for free.

A stand alone version will be sold afterwards for everyone else.

Making and designing tools for VR is a very interesting topic all in itself. So having the C4D community as testers to give feedback on new ways of designing and interacting within VR is a great way to start. These same concepts could be incorporated into an Unreal Engine based system also.


And I don’t see a non VR-game I want to play anymore.

And you think Christopher Columbus should have been able to provide an ETA of when they’d arrive at the new world and a cost estimate for the trip.

Good VR requires a panoply of different technologies and many have been invented in just the last couple of years. Pulling it all together into a complete workable product is a massive undertaking by some of the most elite intellects in the world.

Already in version 1 buying a Vive or Rift isn’t much different in price than an iPhone. And you get so much more. A whole host of more affordable VR laptops and robust <$250 GPUs will be arriving soon.


And I don’t see a non VR-game I want to play anymore.

I haven’t played Witcher 3 yet, and then there will be Mass Effect:Andromeda, Red Dead Redemption2 and Star Citizen.
Thats my list for the next 3 years.

Good VR requires a panoply of different technologies and many have been invented in just the last couple of years. Pulling it all together into a complete workable product is a massive undertaking by some of the most elite intellects in the world.

I get it, i am not complaining about the technical side, i am complaining about the marketing and the politics around it.
If I don’t have an ETA and a final price, i keep my mouth shut instead of creating expectations which will inevitably be broken. Its all about managing public expectations, which they messed up by hyping the people too early and too much.

雷聲大雨點小 big sounds of thunder, small drops of rain



We (Happy Ship) have both oculus and vive.
would love to check out your viewer for c4d.



How can this be overhyped? Rain? Thunder?

VR, AR along with AI (which will absolutely merge into this) constitutes the beginning of an electro-magnetic storm the scale of which humanity has never seen. Hell, the universe is likely a VR/AI system as it stands.

Yes it sucks that the economics aren’t (quite) there for the masses yet. If the economy doesn’t collapse–and we don’t puncture the time-space continuum–the affordability part is just a matter of time.


Heya, great to hear that some people are working on something.
I would be really interested in the C4D VR Viewer, is there anything i can get hands on so far?
Thanks so much


I think much of this is the media’s fault; when you’re able to over-hype something, you generate more stories & get more clicks; then when it doesn’t deliver, you get to write more articles about how the over-hyped thing was a complete failure - when in reality, they manipulated it from day 1.

One of the larger game companies (can’t remember which one) had posted a story about 6-9 months ago talking about how in five years VR will be as big as people think it is, but the progress line will increase exponentially rather than linearly - slow in the first 2-3 years, with a steep up tick for years 4-5 - and that gap between the expected linear line and the realistic exponential line will be seen by the media as a failure.


Good post.

Honestly the people that I see upset or disappointed aren’t the ones using systems like Vive and Rift. (Early reports on the Sony VR seem to convey the same).

It’s pretty damn awesome right now. Scenes do need to be simpler to work at 90fps, of course, so a game demo won’t be as impressive as its ‘traditional’ counterpart.

Here are just a few ways things will improve over time…

-Displays will reach 4k and then 4k per eye
-90 fps without re-projection…reliably…always
-Richer rendering of scenes with better materials, lighting, shadows
-Crisper viewing with appropriate anti-aliasing / no “screen door”

-Lighter and comfortable HMDs…maybe like simple glasses or even contact lenses
-Haptics and vestibular manipulation
-Improved controllers
-Speech input
-‘Room scale’ size limitations will expand or be removed altogether
-More Locomotion options…refinement
-Dizzy/nausea will progressively become a non-issue

Social and Interaction
-Better interaction with other players
-More social interaction with friends
-Almost believable humans and creatures
-Far more advanced AI agency

Pricing and Options
-More affordable–as well as perhaps some more high end–options


Looks like Micorosft gives you a new focus point Kent. Multiple headsets in the ~300 price range and windows 10 will be natively focused on vr too. (skip to about 35 minutes in)


Already watching it right now. Thanks for thinking of me and this project.