Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge - Support Thread


I REALLY dont like the way the compressor made my video look.

I have a link to a high res version here:

I guess its too late to edit stuff but would be cool if the link was added under the video.



Nice work, Dmitri.


thank you very much :slight_smile:


Now that the challenge is over can I submit a 3D render on my portofolio in cgsociety?

All the best


Awesome! Glad to hear that we can post as a Portfolio picture.

Mike I have question.
I will like to render, finish my whole Idea and put at CGS as a WIP Thread with a title “Visteon Challenge WIP… to be continued”

Is this possible? Is this allowed? For me… this Challenge is not finished :wink:
The Design is finished and part of the Display Menu, but I have many things that I wrote down along the Challenge that I will like to include as a complete finished Project.

Please let me know if this possible.
I will just upload Pictures for this project here at CGS until there is a winner.
And if you allow me to link people from other forums to my CGS WIP to see my project, will be for sure great.
As I said i will just upload pictures here. I will just like people to CGS to see the project.



is there any ETA on how long the judging will take?


Yes, you can create a WIP Thread.

Can’t wait to see the finished project.

There seems to be some confusion around what you can and can’t do with your entries.
in the terms and conditions is states:

  1. Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.
    but we do want to encourage you to put your work wherever suitable INside cgsociety and also share links back to your projects on social media and anywhere you can. because when people see the extraordinary art you are making here it will help CGChallenges grow bigger and better.

If you have any thoughts on how we can better portray that message, please let us know.

In future updates i’d like the challenge entries and your personal portfolios to be more seamlessly entwined.


Hi Keenly,

Many thnx to reply!

  1. Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.

Im actually just trying be sure that I have the permit to post my work as a WIP Thread here at CGS before I make my next move.

Thats exactly what Im trying to do :wink:

There is just one thing that I notice.
We as a … lets say “Contest entrants” have updated our ideas also in the “Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge” Thread, but if I press on “View My Entries” to take a closer look inside my Visteon WIP as “a visitor” there is no link to see or have a look to all the comments.

All of us we do have a button that says "Viel all entries by … in here
But there is no Link to the WIPs.

Maybe I post something there that I didnt show in here

And for the Judging will be also much easier to jump back and forward.

Having a link to the “Contest entrants” WIP for the Challenge will be AWESOME!


I originally had a concern but it’s resolved. :smiley:


Congratulations and thanks for everyone getting involved. This was a tough challenge, but you managed to create some awesome work!

Another challenge coming up soon!


Congratulations to all winners, well done!


Congratulations to the winners!

All the best



Congratulations to the winners!

Just one question, as an honorary mention did I win something like a cgs connect membership or something like that?


Congrats winners!


Congrats to all the winners. :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
who do I ask for post my work on my Behance profile and my site?
there is a mail address?