Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge - Support Thread


Thank you adescisc!


ehm , sorry I’ve a as doubt… it’s the first time for me in a 3d challenge on CGSociety, so I don’t know vety well the rules and I’ve a stupid question…
Where I’ve post my WIP?
in "Sticky: Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge - Discussion and WIP " or in “Visteon Challenge Entry - WIP Thread” or I have to open a personal WIP Thread?



Hi Yogurt,

I stared my own thread Visteon Challenge Entry - WIP for my own entry.

All challenges have a Sticky up top for welcomed WIP posts and an open discussion for them.

Its been very popular in the past for many many challengers to create their own WIP threads featuring their work for everyone to see and comment on.

The challenge’s page had an upgrade at some point, and now has a forum under each posting, making the original use of every ones own wip thread a little redundant.

Also, several of the recent challenges have had far less participants than some of the past challenges, there hasn’t been nearly the amount of artistic work needing to be “organized” in such a way everyone could look through it.

So those two things together have kind of killed the practice it seems like, but never the less…
as far as I’ve been told you can start your own thread as I have, or post in the Sticky WIP section up top.


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Please upload your WIP and Final entries to the challenge website for judging:
go to: and click ‘upload entry’.

Creating your own thread, or posting in the 'Discussion and WIP ’ thread is an option if you want to discuss your WIP with the CGSociety community.


Hi guys

I think there is an issue with the uploader. I can t upload anything on the challenge main page.



Hello Adib, I can’t see any problems. what happens when you attempt to upload, and what type of file are you uploading?

If you are still having the issue, you can email me the file and I will try it myself (


Thanks Keenly!

was an issue with the file tipes.We don t see the file tipes in chrome only in explorer.But now I know what kind a file I should upload.

All the best



Hi Keenly and adescisc,

When I uploaded a video WIP yesterday, I noticed that the video quality reduces a lot of the finer details of my project. For the final version, will 1080p resolution videos be accepted by the uploader? I definitely want to show all the subtlety in my design if possible. :slight_smile:



Hi Doza3D.

sorry we can currently only setup up to 720p, maximum file size is 500MB.

The challenge uploader will convert the video to the following settings:
format: flv
codec: h264 / mp3
aspect: 1280x720 preserve

You are welcome to post links to third-party sites to download the video in better quality if you wish.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for all of the additional information and clarifications on this thread. I’ve read through the FAQ and the Terms & Conditions and I would just like to be sure of a couple of things…

When showing integration with mobile devices, do the products have to be presented in a generic way (i.e. no-name smartphone or tablet), or can we refer to actual brands, like Apple, Google, Windows Mobile, etc? Also, would like to know the same regarding automobiles. If I film a person entering a vehicle, do I have to worry about hiding any logos of the manufacturer?



Hi TonyVerili,

You can be as brand specific or as non-specific as you want. It won’t affect the outcome of the challenge at all.



I guys !

I would like use a audi R8 model buy on the evermotion website for put my project instead of the original board panel.
It’s possible or not to use a trademark ?




How many ideas can I submit?


Hi Gregmcquay,

There isn’t a limit. Submit as many as you would like. Just keep in mind the judging criteria for each of the categories.



Ok… Sounds good…



Hi Rawnan,

If you purchase a base model to use there would need to be significant modifications for it to be considered during judging.




Ok, this is just to use the external appearance of the car. I completely changes the cockpit.



Hi Keenly,

Thank you for your suggestion. I need a little clarification if you don’t mind.

When I am ready to submit my final HD video, do you suggest that I post the link to third-party sites on a thread in the forum? I fear that my final submission will be missed if it’s not posted as an official upload.

Please advise.



Hi Doza. upload your video to the challenge for judging, if you also want to share a higher quality video hosted elsewhere. include the link in the ‘Step 4: Tell Us About What’s Going On?’ text field.


Thanks Keenly, I will keep that in mind.