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Hello and welcome to the Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge Support Thread.

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Hello, amazing topic! :slight_smile:

I am intrested in, but i have a question - is it possible to entrie of small team ? (small i mean f.e. two people) - i propably hasnt got all skills to present it in proper way. F.e. im ui designer, and i need some 3d support for visualization/animation/rendering etc?



Thanks for you question!

Teams are absolutely acceptable; If you would like to work with a few members on a concept then that is fine with us.

Good Luck in the contest! Can’t wait to see some amazing pieces!

  • Andrew


I had a question about using student software and trials? Neither of these are allowed for commercial work, but would this be considered commercial work?


Hello KBeres,

For this challenge using student software and trials is allowed. This is nothing from this challenge that will be directly used in commercial use. If something was wanted to be used commercially, then we would get in contact with that artist, and go through the proper steps to make sure that the artwork would be legal to use commercially.

  • Andrew


I don’t mean to be overly suspicious, but this challenge kind of looks like crowd-sourcing a commercial design for very cheap. Does the artist retain any rights to the design? Is Visteon free to potentially sell the product with no compensation to the designer?


“Grand Prize of working with Visteon to develop the artist’s Idea into a property and present the finished concept property at the Visteon Booth at CES, 2015.”

What does ‘working with Visteon’ mean? In the extremely unlikely scenario where I win this challenge I wouldn’t want to spend months working night and day with Visteon to develop it into some prototype.


Hi Miked08,

Working with Visteon means that we will have a team dedicated to taking your winning concept and turning it into reality. We would like to work very closely with the Winning artist(s) and allow them to be able to work as much on the project as they would like. If the Artists want to work with us creating this then we would welcome them to work closely with our art team to ensure the graphics on the concept look stunning, as well as being able to participate in the meetings for designing and creating this prototype.
We do not expect the grand prize winner(s) to work day and night tirelessly for months on end after winning the competition (that is what we will be doing). We WOULD like to see pride in your work and excitement for creating your idea into a functioning concept.

tldr; We welcome the winner to work closely with us but we do not require it.


Thanks for the reply. It seems fair :beer:


Hello danbabcock3d,

Thanks for your concern, we have had this discussion with the folks at CG Society before we even created this challenge. CG Society always has the artists best interest at heart and would not put on a challenge unless they were sure the Artists were being protected. That being said, we had covered your questions already in our terms and conditions of this challenge. You can read them all here --> Terms and Conditions

Just to Highlight a few to answer your specific concerns:

  1. By entering the competition the entrant warrants that they are the sole copyright holder and indemnifies Ballistic Media and Visteon Corporation from any subsequent claims that may arise regarding ownership, or any other claims that may impact upon the entered work.

     15. The entrant grants Ballistic Media rights to use all entered works, in any media for marketing of CGSociety Challenges. In such circumstances Ballistic will notify the artist and will publish full and correct credit for the artist that will appear with any reproduction of the winning artwork. 
     16.      The winners grant Ballistic Media and Visteon Corporation rights to use the entrants name, imprimatur and likeness in conjunction with the use of their entered works in any media.. 
  2. The winners grant Ballistic Media and Visteon Corporation first right to publish their submitted work in any media.

  3. Entrants commit to notify Ballistic Media in writing at least one week prior to the publication of their work in any media.

    1. Other than the rights assigned in the preceding clauses entrants retain copyright of all entered materials and are free to use said materials for personal promotions.
  4. The winners grant Visteon Corporation unlimited, non-exclusive permission to use the winning artwork for promotional purposes in any media. In such circumstances Visteon Corporation will notify the artist and will publish full and correct credit for the artist that will appear with any reproduction of the winning artwork.

    tldr; The Non-Winning Artists retain full copyright and permissions of their artwork that is entered in this challenge. The Winning Artists who receive a prize grant Visteon permissions to use their artwork in media and commercial and will receive full credit for their artwork wherever that artwork is used.

    If a user submits a piece of artwork that doesn’t win, but Visteon is interested in the concept or artwork; Visteon will contact that individual in order to start a conversation regarding using that piece or working with that artist.

Hope this addresses all your concerns! We are not trying to use you, we are trying to promote the automotive industry as an alternate career path for talented artists beyond just working for film, vis fx, or the gaming industry. We are looking to find very talented artists that want to begin their careers with us and create the future of automotive design.

   - Andrew


hello , how u doing? :slight_smile:
first , i’m not sure if i got the idea of the competition so i’d like to ask something
i was planning to design a 3d cockpit of a vehicle with innovation of how to interact with it
and how to interact with the screens and the features of the car
does that match the aim of the competition?
and was planning to design an interface and how to interact with it
tell me if this matches the idea of the competition or not
and if not i hope u’ll tell me more about it and what i should do :slight_smile:
i’ve read the main thread of the competition


Hello [font=Arial Black]Tarek3d,

Your Description fits this challenge perfectly! It would be great to see your Innovative 3D cockpit and how you would interact with the screens, and the features.

Designing an interactive Interface for the designed cockpit will only help to further the idea and make this a stronger entry.

Best Regards,



another question
can i use technology that’s completely new?
i mean there’s not a lot of devices using this technology


Yes you can use any technology.


great , then 2 more questions
i know i asked a lot :smiley:
first, will i have to show how to implement the idea in the real world?
second , shall i make a stunning lighting and rendering or just a model shows the idea?
and i’ve an idea but it’s not about the cockpit or the screens
it’s in the chair next to the driver
is it allowed to participate with it here?
i know i asked al lot so exuse me :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Tarek3d,

No worries about the questions, I’m here to answer them :slight_smile:

first, will i have to show how to implement the idea in the real world?

How you choose to show the idea is completely up to you. Whether its a concept or it is shown in a real world circumstance makes no difference in this challenge as long as the idea behind it is conveyed well.

second , shall i make a stunning lighting and rendering or just a model shows the idea?

How you present this idea is completely up to you. I would suggest looking at the Prize Categories and figuring out what you are aiming for, then use that to gear your final comp. There are multiple different categories that will be looking at different aspects of your final image.

and i’ve an idea but it’s not about the cockpit or the screens
it’s in the chair next to the driver
is it allowed to participate with it here?

Yes, anything that you can think of that will innovate/improve the user experience of being in the vehicle is a bonus.

Sorry for the delay in response to your questions. Hope this helps!

Good Luck!


There are so many categories (3D concept, animation, etc.) and each with the corresponding prize, but how do you qualify for the Grand Prize (Visteon Challenge) which is the only category that includes a 3D printer as a prize?

David Ramirez


Hi guys,

can we post a video WIP or Final on youtube or vimeo?

All the best



Here are the minimum requirements to qualify for consideration for the grand prize:

“To qualify for the grand prize, artists must create a cockpit concept (however they want to show it) that illustrates how the cockpit would look, including: what the dashboard looks like, how functions are interacted with, how information is presented to the user, and how the user would interact with the system.”


Hey Adib,

You can upload videos the same way they upload images, accepted file types. (mov, avi, mp4, flv)