Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge - Discussion and WIP


Istrument cluster animation.Hope you liked!

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here is my last update on the car.Hope you liked!
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Update on the interior and seats design.Hope you liked.
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Hey Adib,

Really like the improvement of the seats. Much sleeker now. Nice work.



Here’s a quick snapshot of the DLP (Digital Light Processing) dashboard concept.

I plan on replacing the existing steering wheel with one that will support my IVI menu system. There are automotive suppliers who have developed a steering wheel that allows for a docked phone, however in my concept I would like to integrate that touch based experience directly to the wheel and make it purpose built for the IVI menu system only (static/unchanging for safety).

The key innovative concepts in my design are:

[ul]DLP rear projected display for cluster and navigation which will allow for free-form dashboard designs and scalability for future technology[/ul]
[ul]Electric to fuel modes presented uniquely on screen[/ul]
[ul]Simplicity, form follows function design that makes the driving experience enjoyable yet safe[/ul]

Lots more to come…



Really nice! Great progress Doza3D
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Thanks adib!


Update of my work.Hope you liked guys!
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Hi Adib!

You have been making some good progress on this and its looking nice. A few suggestions to gear this more for the challenge:
[li]Make sure you focus more on the interactions and the cockpit of the vehicle.[/li][li]Focus on the way that the user interacts with the vehicle, and the cluster, ui, centerstack, and passenger digital screen. (graphics on these and how they are used are important.)[/li][/ul]Best Regards,



Hey Doza3D,

Great Progress! It is looking good!

Some feedback:

[li]The Steering wheel (top half cut off) isn’t very functional, is this for Autonomous use? When you go to user control does the steering wheel extend to make a place for the user to place their hands?[/li][li]It looks like the steering wheel might be blocking some of the options on the screen behind it. Is there a better position for the wheel or for the content?[/li][li]I really like how the screen wraps around the driver and gives him more of an isolated feel and I like how things are laid out.[/li][li]The Speedometer and rpm etc (the cluster) looks like it is just floating in space in and just pasted compared to the rest of your graphics. I think you should integrate the cluster more into the background or make it so it matches the rest of your UI feel that you have created that works so well.[/li][li]That being said, the form of your cluster is very nice, and compliments the form of your long screen very well.[/li][li]In your video show how the user will be interacting with this interface and some nice transitions. You have a great start so far! Keep up the good work![/li][/ul]Best Regards,



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the valuable feedback. I agree with your comments regarding the steering wheel and the cluster. I will continue development based on this feedback.



Some new renders.
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