Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge - Discussion and WIP


Hi adescisc,

and tanks for your advice.I change the design of the cluster and the graphics to.
Hope everybody likes the new changes :slight_smile:

Thanks Bergquist for your reply.Kind words!

All the best



Hi Doza,

You can either post a youtube/vimeo link or you can directly upload your video file in your post. If you have a youtube/vimeo you can embed that into your post so we can play it without having to redirect to a different site.

Cant wait to check out your progress!



Hi Adib,

Changes are looking much better!

Can you do a couple shots of your infotainment and cluster and let us know how they work and the features that you in-vision with them?

What are some features of your interior that makes it unique?

What direction where you thinking about taking this now?

One visual suggestion, your gas pedal looks like its a glass/shiny slippery material, is that intentional? I would imagine it would be more of a matte finish because we would need some friction on it so our feet don’t slip off while using it.

I’ll try to grab some other folks to give you more feedback :slight_smile:



I like the new cluster and infotainment design. The cluster looks much slicker now that the two screens are gone. Closer shots of the cluster and infotainment areas would be nice.


Thanks Andrew!

I hope to post the cluster animation test by the end of this week. :thumbsup:


Thank you adescisc and yoyomon for your reply!

The front display is for speedometer, range ,whater and gas,battery and breaks feature.
The left middle display is for climate,has also AI senzor for the state of the car,navigation system and high audio device player. All the displays from the car are OLED.
And because the driver should be always concetrate on the road all the important features
will be dispaied on the front window with display glass technology.That I will show on a video presentation.

All the best guys! New updates soon :slight_smile:


Nicely done adib, I like the direction you are going right now.
Here is some of my first thoughts from my experience working at Visteon.


Thanks natsugi6 !

for your reply.Here is a small video preview.


Update on colors.Now working on animation for display.

All the best



More progress on the display animations.Hope you liked!

All the best


Hey Adib,
Your menus are really coming along!
I especially like the layout of information. :smiley:

…its weird though… while its very simple and straight forward (which is good) it still looks really busy to me, and i have to take a second look to tell what I’m looking at. But that doesn’t make sense with how simplistic it is…
Maybe its all that red in the background. You might try killing that red and see if the menu items are easier to pick up.
Just an idea though, it really is lookin great!


  • Bergquist


Ello Everyone,
I found a news story that I thought everyone in the challenge might be interested in!

     Hover Car!  :scream:  Incredibly Awesome!
                                                                [b]BEIJING, China[/b], June 4, 2012 (ENS) – Volkswagen’s  People’s Car Project launched last year has led to creation of a “Hover  Car” that floats above the road using electromagnetic levitation. 
       The project allowed Internet users in China to post their ideas  about cars of the future. From the more than 119,000 ideas submitted by  33 million visitors to the People’s Car Project website over the past  11 months, the German automaker selected three to develop and build as  concept vehicles.   
        The “Hover Car,” the “Music Car” and the “Smart Key” were unveiled  last month at the Beijing International Auto Show.  The zero-emissions  two-seater Hover Car looks like a shiny flying donut as it hovers just  above the ground, moving forward or backward, left or right.  
        The Hover Car could in the future travel along electromagnetic road  networks. The same method of propulsion is already used by maglev  trains in China, Japan, Germany, California and elsewhere.  
        [img][/img]    [b]
    Wang Jia’s parents try out the VW Hover Car concept (Image from video) [/b]
        - Works Citied -
     article taken from



Does the vehicle have to be a traditional “car”, or can we rethink that as well?


Hi everyone,

I finally found time to upload my latest WIP. It’s been very motivating to see everyone’s progress and ideas.

Doza3D WIP VisteonChallenge :


This is a preview of a multi-mode instrument cluster. The vehicle that utilizes this instrument cluster is tentatively called the “Urbano Car”. The driver would be able to switch between bio fuel mode and full electric mode depending on the use of the vehicle or to provide flexibility to the driver.

This is currently a fully interactive application driven by keyboard events (E, B) and this instrument cluster will be paired with a matching IVI along a curved display.

One thought I had about the IC and IVI is to use an OLED projector to display the information from behind the dash. This would allow for curved surface displays.

Feedback is welcome!




Really nice progress Doza3D! Nice graphics,simple and clear.
All the best



Thanks adib!

I wish the compression was better for the video. The navigation map features some depth-of-field that places focus on the arrow and blurs out other areas. The lines are also much crisper than what is shown. Maybe I’ll post a few screenshots as well.



More progress on car and display graphics.
All the best



Nice progress, adib. What renderer are you using for the car exterior shots?



Hi Doza3D,

I use mentalray from maya.


Update on work and presentation.
All the best