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These ideas are a tad more rudimentary than what is being sought after I think, but I might as well share them anyway. They’re ideas for vehicle interfaces that I created for a personal project I was working on last year.

I’m going to be following this challenge closely, and I’m definitely going to be exploring some ideas for it.

Here is my WIP progress.Critics and comments are welcome.


Hello Drednorzt!

Thanks so much for your entry. I would like to give you a brief critique and direction of where you could take your idea, refine it, and create a great finalized challenge entry.

So First of all, really well done concept art. I love the three separate types of style, the line work and coloring is very crisp and it conveys the idea of the machine very well. Of the 4 images you supplied the only one that felt unrefined was the initial image where the diver is in the Drivers seat of the vehicle with the helmet on (which the helmet that he is wearing doesn’t match the three close up detailed versions). This Image seems like it could use quite a bit more polish in order to create a finalized image.

That being said let’s talk about the Design, Function, Fashion, and Feasibility.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about the design which should help brainstomring and refinement of your idea:
[li]What year would this be set for? When do you think technology would be able to do this?[/li][li]How does this technology work? Mind reading? Just a para-scope? Holograms? Screens?[/li][list]
[li]If he has something on his head then why would he need windows in his cockpit?[/li][li]Does he need to be in the vehicle to use this device? Could it be used inside and outside?[/li][li]If his head is covered, does he need to be facing forward? Is there a better location for him to sit which provides him more comfort and space?[/li][/ul]
[li]Is he still using the wheel to drive the vehicle?[/li][li]Is he still using gas and brake to operate the vehicle?[/li][ul]
[li]is this mind controlled?[/li][li]Is this autonomous or semi autonomous?[/li][list]
[li]If this is fully autonomous can this head unit double as an entertainment device? VR? ARG?[/li][/ul]
[li]Is this for only larger vehicles? Is this for smaller vehicles?[/li][li]What does it look like inside the helmet when it’s on?[/li][ul]
[li]Can we see and visualize what he sees?[/li][/ul]
[li]Is this for work? Is this for the average consumer? Is for transportation (Plane, Bus, etc)?[/li][li]Is this Military? (instead of having someone manning the 50 cal machine gun on top of a Humvee they could use this “para-scope” in order to use the guns from a safe location.)[/li][li]Is there a cyber component in this? (For example cyber components like that in the anime show “Ghost in a shell” or )[/li][li]Can this be more fashionable? This is pretty ugly and embarrassing for everyday users to wear. Is there a way to make this modern, edgy, sleek, stylish?[/li][li]Is it supposed to encompass the full head? If so what are its functions? Can it encompass part of the head?[/li][li]What is the User Experience as they are wearing this unit?[/li][li]Is this a feasible tech to create today? If not, when would you think this is feasible? Future tech is great and putting a date on it allows users to understand when it would be. today 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years.[/li][li]If it is Mind Control had you seen some of the current Tech on it? ( And their new version )[/li][/list]Just to summarize, I think you have something here! Just go through these questions and ask yourself them. It will help you flesh out your concept further and refine it.

Remember these questions are not meant to be a “Do This” or “Do That”, it’s just questions to ask yourself to continue the brainstorming process. If you think of something that will benefit your idea then add it, otherwise don’t.

Hopefully this was helpful! I’m very excited to see what you come up with and any other entries into the competition.


Best Regards,

Andrew DeScisciolo

Innovation Creative Lead



Another WIP progress.


Hello Adib,

It looks like you are making lots of progress! Your current layout of your Cluster reminds me of one of our previous concept cars the “E-Bee” ( ). I like the 3 screen idea and the location of them.

are these screens using Flexible OLEDs? ( + or curved like a tv )

I also like the idea of the infotainment centerstack that is angled and easily accessible where your arm would rest. The only concern one may have, “Does having this centerstack like this draw the users eyes away from the road for too long if they are needing to access something while driving?”
I dont know the answer to this, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. This would require research to determine what angle the user can comfortably move their head and look away from the road, with the road still in their peripherals or maybe they would lose sight on the road completely. If they completely lose their sight on the road maybe there is a feature on the centerstack that allows them to see the road while using it, or a way to detect that the user is looking away or how long they are looking for. Maybe there is a solution to this potential problem where we can keep the centerstack like that, and have another spot where immediate functions or information can be accessed.

In Terms of Tasks and Time taken for each task. For Non Autonomous Vehicle in current day the guidelines are as follows. A user should be able to complete a full task in no more than 12 seconds, breaking up that full task into mini tasks that can be completed in less than 2 second intervals.

Now knowing that, is there a way to design a tech to create a different set of guidelines? Is there a way to solve this looking away issue all together? is there a way to always keep your eyes on the road and still interact with these interfaces, enabling the keeping of the cool aesthetic design?

Maybe a solution to this is Semi Autonomy, the car will be able to sense when you look down away from the road and be able to guide you for a short period of time, enabling for these guidelines to be null, or warn you if you need to look back to the road.

This is all up to you and your creative mind!

Hope this helps to get some ideas rolling! I’m excited to see the new iteration!

Best Regards,



Thanks adescisc for your feedback!
Here is another update



I have uploaded my concept sketch today. I’m sorry that it is on peace of notebook with а pen. I will make it better and modeling the 3D object. I wrote description about place and functions of the elements. I would be grateful if you express your opinion.


Interesting organic design. I think putting some of the elements commonly found on the cluster/dashboard on the steering wheel is a pretty neat idea (so long as there’s enough room for the airbag :D).

The navigation screen has quite a nice piece of real estate. Perhaps you can have some augmented reality navigation here where the screen displays what you’re seeing through the windshield but with graphic overlays telling you where you need to go. It’ll be a nice alternative to having one on the windshield and you won’t have to worry about reduced visibility.

The infotainment area looks a bit small, especially with the shape of the screen. Not sure how I feel about having the telephone, radio, and car indicators all share one screen at the same time. I think if you’re going to keep the screen that small, then it’ll probably be best to have one option being displayed at a time.

I would put the car indicators inside the speedometer and tachometer gauges (or somewhere around that area) so you’ll have all the information you need on how the car is functioning in one location.

Nice progress. The side panels one either side of the cluster is an interesting idea. Maybe you can have your favorite mobile app displayed there for easy access, like weather, audio, etc. I like the idea of the partially clear driving wheel that allows you to see more of the cluster.


Just a thought.

Is the design intended for any particular part of the world? Is it important whether it’s for a left side or right side driven car?



Most parts of the world have different needs and wants for their vehicles and driving conditions. For this challenge we aren’t specific for which part of the world this is geared for because we want to keep it open. So all in all it doesn’t matter what side your steering wheel is on and you don’t have to gear your design to anything world location specific for this challenge.

In terms of the winning design we will be showcasing this at CES 2015 in North America to a North American Audience mainly so if the winning piece has the steering wheel on the right side then it will be modified to fit the left side.

Thanks for your question!



Thank you so much for your reply yoyomon,

The infotainment area (small screen) will display just one of these options of course.
For the navigation area I was thinking of view close to rear view camera (I am not sure for the word), bacause the parktronic system will use the same place and in my opinion it will be good if it can use the same cameras for display (front ones).

To put the car indicators inside the speedometer and tachometer gauges is better place than mine. I admit it. In this case, the front panel on the steering wheel can be use for airbag or can be display important indicators - oil pressure ligh, alternator (battery) light, park brake indicator light, indicators that only will light if there is serious problem and the driver must see immediately.

The Warning Flasher Light ( Hazard warning triangle ) button will be down next to gear shift. I called that place ot the sketch “car indicator” below the radio panel.


Hello adib,

Thanks for your feedback.

There are similar parts on the steering wheel. They provide ability to control climate control and audio. I am not sure that it is a good idea to display mobile apps, because they are not so important to be seen all the time infront the driver. That’s the reason I prefer to move them to the small screen and other positions.


More progress on the display and interior.

Thanks yoyomon for your reply!
All the best



hey hey hey! Hi Guys, this is my first step. :bounce:


Another Update.



here is my update on the car. Next I will animate the display and fuctionality and I will present all his features for a best confort of the driver.



Hey Adib,
Cool Car! And nice modeling! The highlights of specularity contour the car very well

- Bergquist


Hi adib!

Great Progress! The Car looks pretty Awesome.

I would suggest that you Push the Cluster and Infotainment screen graphics a bit more. When you compare those graphics to the quality that you have done in the rest of the car it seems a bit lacking (Flat, Ordinary, very monotone).

Also when you take another look at them, see what you can improve upon or what you can make more unique to your layout/UI



Hi Andrew,

I would like to post a video preview/WIP of my instrument cluster this coming week and wondered what would be the best method. Should I post an unlisted Youtube link? Feedback would be great and I need to post my progress. After the cluster is completed, I will finish up the IVI concept and dash model for review next.

Please advise - and thanks!