Vincent Rig


Click here to get the free Vincent rig.

In the rar file you’ll find an updated which you have to put in your messiah\plugins folder, and a script that you have to put in your messiah\modules\scripts folder before you start messiah for the rig to work. The idea for the eye rig came from Joeri when we started working on the rigs for his 850 meters project (many more good snippets will come from that project in due time), and the rest is an amalgamation of autorig and things I’ve experimented with for the feature we’re working on. If you want to speed up the deformation a little, you can set the Weight Significance Floor to something small like 0.01. Enjoy!

-The guerrilla rigger


Now does this just add more to the auto-rigger.


I’m going to guess this is a preview of Autorig V2 Or is it 3 now?


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