Viewport preset toggle for the 3dsMax 2022


How is it possible to assign shortcut to toggle between Standard and User-Defined settings in the 3dsMax 2022
here is 2 macros from the Listener so basically need to toggle between these two with one hotkey

actionMan.executeAction -844228238 "13"  -- Viewport Lighting and Shadows: Standard
(NitrousGraphicsManager.GetActiveViewportSetting()).ViewportPreset = #Customize

macroScript ViewportPresetSwitch
tooltip: "Viewport Preset Switch"
	viewSetting = NitrousGraphicsManager.GetActiveViewportSetting()
	viewSetting.ViewportPreset = if viewSetting.ViewportPreset == #standard then #customize else #standard
  1. Go to the Customize->Hotkey Editor
  2. Type “Viewport Preset Switch” in the search box
  3. Assign a Hotkey

When you start 3ds Max, you may need to manually select the “User Defined” mode once. (bug, missing feature or my ignorance).

The Viewport button doesn’t update to reflect the name of the Custom Preset (bug?).


It’s not a bug! It’s a feature!

Would it be a bug if it was done deliberately? :grinning:


thank you very much!