VideoTutorial: Building a "floater" rig with Nodes...


Hi Gang!

This is a quick and dirty videotutorial, but may be usefull to some… :slight_smile:

Part1, 19.3MB, 06m 34s
Part2, 47.2MB, 13 minutes
Part3, 35.5MB, 09m 21s
Content (17.6KB)

Have fun!


EDIT: You need DPKit and Node Item Motion in order to get it to work!



I did some experimentation and found out something really crazy-cool… :slight_smile:

It’s a floater rig that doesn’t use any third party tools and hardly any rigging. And… it has a hidden feature that I found out about today. :slight_smile:

FloaterRig - Native tools, 720p, 32.5 MB (WMV) (right-click and download)

Have fun!


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