Videogame Character Body Type


Hey folks, I have two questions:
1: Which body type would players want to see in their games?
2: Which do you think is the more realistic for an athletic character?

The body types are lettered, so simply answer 1x 2y

Renata Body Type


Sorry I’m just kind of going right into it ^^"
I think that if you’re going for a realistic sort of style then you’d want to go with the middle one, the left most one she looks a little more overweight, if she were constantly working out, fighting creatures, mechs etc then she probably wouldn’t have all that much fat left on her upper body especially. Woman carry weight around their hips, bum and thighs the most so with an athletic character that’s where you want to keep the majority of the weight. This correlates to breast size as well although you do still see larger breasts woman who are athletic so ‘go with your heart’ on that one but remember if they’re too large then it feels to many people unrealistic even if a lot of athletic women are large breasted. A lot of men do gain weight around that area that makes them look overweight when they’re wearing shirts but women tend to keep their waists a lot more when gaining muscle mass.
If she’s using a sword (no matter if it’s a rapier or another sword, they’re not necessarily lighter than other swords) then she’d have a lot of arm strength so maybe drawing a tad bit more arm muscle would help with this, not dramatically more, women don’t gain muscle in a way that’s all that visual (the women that you see a lot when looking for muscle references are people who have specifically worked for their muscle, body builders and the like, while Olympic athletes have a lot less shown muscle and these are still women who’s jobs require them to be physically strong), you’d show it more with just a slightly different shape in the upper arm and muscle tone in the stomach.
the main thing to think about is this characters story, where she’s from and all that when it comes to muscle mass. If she’s training for 8 hours a day then she’ll have a lot more muscle then if she just pops off to the gym for an hour a day and then only uses her muscle when it’s needed.
I know that you were wanting just critique for the body type but if there are any other notes on the design I’d happily give you some if you want, these are really cool and I want to help you make them better if I can!