Video Hosting


The CGSociety is now hosting videos for members.

Along with the other benefits of your CGSociety membership, you will now also receive 50 megs of space to host videos.

Hosted videos could be hand drawn animations, 3D animations or even video effects shots, it’s up to you.

A file transfer wizard (CGUploader) has been developed to help users transfer content to our servers.

CGSociety members can find information on how to upload animations here:



Great! How about bandwith usage? Is it unlimited, or will it be capped?


Working great guys… a few recommendations.

These videos should be paused at page load with an overlayed graphic saying Click here to play or something.

When I visit a portfolio I don’t want it to be playing video, I want to be able to choose to play the video… also this will allow it to fully load (or at least mostly load) to reduce stuttering.

Also many people seem to be encoding at very high static bit rates or full frame rates… it’s producing choppy playback even on robust machines. There needs to be some guidelines for encoding and possibly even a video tutorial for people to view before encoding. The poor decisions at the user level appears to most as a system problem.


You’re only limited to how much you can store on our servers. We’re not looking at limiting bandwidth at all.

JDex yeah, there are some tweaks to be made to the player that’s for sure, The idea is that it will use the image file as the play button - Unfortunately I’m not much of a flash person :slight_smile:


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