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i was going to copy a photo, but i chickened out and then crapped this one out. photoshop 30 min.


This took me about an hour. It was done in bits here and there. I spent more time on the sky then i did on rendering the ship. I got stuck and didn’t know what else to do to the ship. It was going to be an all grayscale, but I hate doing skies and I saw an oppurtunity. I also had to add that great red white and blue. Please give advice on how to improve.


Hi, vicmonty! I’ve painted over your work to make things clear.
Here some suggestions from me.
If there is a contrlight in the scene, it is very important to keep the silhouette of an object on the first plan clear and enough plenty.
The first plan should be more contrast, and less contrast and details on the far plan.
And you can try to set curves and color balance.
The horizont line should be little lower
Good luck!






photoshop 50 min

less than an hour


DSG1880 LATE NIGHT ABOUT 45 MIN. i went for Conan O’brien


From all of those pieces, I found “dsg the fallen” the most interesting.
Great prespective, the only thing maybe is to turn the winged figure more towards the girl, so it would look as if they relate to each other more.
Will you finish it? I dont know whats the concept idea of it, but it looks like it has a big story behind it.


wow I didn’t think anyone visits this page but me! Thanks for that suggestion. Now that I look at it again I see why turning him will impact their relationship. It’s a good observationa and something I’ll definetly take with me with future work. Remembering how body language goes a long way. After all, illustration is visual story telling is it not? Thanks again. I need these C&C’s. This is my form of education along with other online tools and books I have.
I never thought about pushing forward with it. It was for the daily sketch book. When I hear “fallen angel” I think of, Lucifer first and foremost, but also those angels from Genesis that fell from heaven to be with mortal women. As a result, giants were born! These giants aren’t exactly detailed, but you can find ref. on them throughout the Bible. Anyway, I have stories to tell on all subjects. Now I’m working on my artistic abilities so I can properly execute my visions! Sorry for the long reply. Thanks for coming by!


Well you C&C on my thread, so I thought I’d look through yours, especially after you said you are a novice like me :slight_smile:

I thought the children made between angels and humans are called seraphim, or maybe I remembered wrong.

your 50 min sketch of that boy with the weapon, looks quite good, in terms of anatomy. I like expression on his face. All high and mighty.

At first I thought it was a guitar he was holding, he looks about 14, he might be an interesting character if you develop him, I dont know why but it reminds me of the war in Afghanistan at the moment, since most children there have easy access to weaponry.


photoshohp 55mn. its been a long time. i’ve been practicing painting. i’m getting comfortable with photoshop.


latest not so greatest. this took about 3-4 sit downs and took about 30 min all together. I wasn’t focused on this one. I dropped the ball on this one, but I’ll still post it, because I am here to grow. photo ref included.


Is this still open? YES! I had to go away for a year due to work. I am so glad to see this hasn’t shut down due to inactivity!


here’s a photo study i did a few days ago.

photoshop, intuous 3. aprox 3 hrs.


Hey Vicmonty.

Thank you for sharing your paintings with us!
I think you improved already 2009 - i can’t see your last work. Just wanted to say a word and encourage you to go on.
You encouraged me to also try more to paint and maybe show my works here.

And Happy New Year ^^