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I’m trying to get this tablet thing down…let me know what you think.

Thank you for visiting…

Actually, be brutally honest. I want to improve.



I’m finally trying out my tablet. I’m scared of color!







I wanted to do more, but it was taking me too long. I’m starting to get comfortable and familiar with PS controls. 1hr 30min


For my son’s room…

going to add color soon.


i decided to go away from color. i started to color the woman in color, and then i remembered reading on the tutorial that i should be going grayscale. it was actually also personal advice from someone else at one point.


I hate drawing clouds, never mind painting them. I’m uncomfortable using color. I don’t have patience for a beautiful painting to unfold. I see the canvas in front of me, and then I see the finished product in my head. I’m learning how painting truly is a slow process.

This is a 50 min piece. The photo is courtesy of the AP featured in a Yahoo article about the Santa Barbara fires. I saw the beautiful colors and I just decided to do it. It’s unlike me to go for something like that. Look at my previous paintings…I suck. Let me know what you think. My wife is very encouraging. Family is the best inspiration.


Hi vicmonty, For the digital painting I’d recommend laying down areas of solid colour first and then working on the details. Also try using a hard edged brush to add definition to the shapes. I look forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:



oh oh, I thought I was using a hard brush…oops. Thank you.


photoshop around 50 min


Looks like the speedpainting is really helping. I wouldn’t mind seeing the last piece taken to completion. A bit of crit- the shadow on the left looks a bit too uniform (in the photo there’s that really nice section of contrast between the two petals). It looks like you were beginning to put that in, I’m not sure if it was the time limit that stopped you…?


thanks for the “improving” comment. That makes me want to paint some more. I’m begining to feel more comfortable with this. It’s still scary and I’m still staying away from certain types of pieces, but the DSG is certainly causing me to go outside of my comfort zone.

The pedal, yea I see it. I was getting frustrated with it. I painted it, then I thought it looked too brown, so I painted it the yellowish it is now. I did that about 2-3 times trying to get it to it’s right color, but I just gave up. Man, now that I say that it kills me. I might tackle this again later this week, or somethiing like it. Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate your time.


based on a conversation…


HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god, you made me laugh! Excellent! :applause:


Ha, I’m glad you enjoyed it and got it. it was a conversation my family was having. Not sure if it’s a joke out there already or not, but it had to be put into this format. Thanks for viewing.


photoshop 40 min


Here is one from today. Again, I’m starting from the begining on these. I hope to catch up to the current pic one day. This pic was a challenge and the fact that it was to be done in 20 min took it to the next level for me.

photoshop 20 min