VFX/CG Generalist


We are currently looking to hire a Mid to Senior VFX Generalist for various projects. We require an artist with 3-5 years of production experience & proficiency with Maya, Zbrush, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema4D, Houdini, Nuke, After Effects, UE, Redshift, Octane, Arnold & other industry standard software and render tools. We currently have several projects in production for which we need support as well as for upcoming projects. We anticipate keeping our VFX Generalist relatively busy for a while as we are looking for an artist we can rely on for a high proportion of our current & upcoming needs. Many of our projects are stylised in nature; however, there may be some photorealistic projects coming up in the future.

About you:
Excellent Communication skills - Someone comfortable with receiving & providing regular updates via our project management system. We require someone who is responsive to notes & task allocation & who provides regular status & progress updates.
Iterative & reference based workflow - We use client briefs, reference images and footage as the starting point for our work, we progress from there iteratively, especially at the beginning of a task. We make small incremental changes as we work, & need an artist who is comfortable with this workflow. We need to be able to follow along with our artist’s progress so that we don’t have to make significant changes at the end of a task.
Excellent collaborative working skills - Our projects are led by creative directors; some projects are relatively hands-off, while others require closer art direction. We are looking for artists who enjoy working as part of a team & are experienced enough to receive feedback without taking it personally.

About your Work:
Quality - We are looking for a relatively high level of quality, AA quality.
Speed - As with many things in our industry, many shortcuts & techniques can be used to speed up workflow without sacrificing quality. We are looking for artists who make it a priority to look for ways to become more efficient.


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