VFS vs Gnomon vs Full Sail vs Think Tank vs Others


I want to take a course in 3D Animation and VFX in a good college. I’m from India and I want to take a course in USA or Canada. I have no experience at all till now. Also, I want to finish the course in about 2 years as I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering and I don’t want to take another 4 year course.
I shortlisted some schools which have accelerated courses.
Please help me choose a good school as this is really important for me.

My ideal school should have the following:

  1. I should be able to finish the course in about 2 years
  2. Known to be one of the best schools in the world.
  3. Focus on the foundations.
  4. I should have work permit after I finish the course ( Canada or US )
  5. I should have time to make a portfolio when taking the course.

Among VFS, Gnomon, Full Sail and Think tank:

I won’t have work permit after taking a course in VFS and Gnomon ( not sure about think tank ) so getting a job will be really difficult for me.
I get work permit with full sail’s course, but I’m not sure if it’s a good school ( didn’t really like the demo reels of the students ).

Please give me an advice on which school I should take. If there are any other schools with accelerated courses, please let me know.


Here’s what I can tell you about Full Sail, as I am currently a student.

The classes will teach you the fundamentals of Computer Animation. You will get learning out of it. Now, why most of the reels coming out of Full Sail suck:

people do not work outside of class. People do not work on their own side projects, people do not pick their “discipline” (aka modeling, compositing, visual effects, animation, or rigging) until the very last months.

If you go, go with what you want to do in mind. A good idea would be to do digital tutors for a couple months beforehand to figure out what you like, as well as putting you ahead of the game.

I am currently a compositor and I am embarrassed at some of the reels coming out of Full Sail. Don’t want to sound arrogant in this statement, but I’m already doing more advanced stuff and I am still a year off of graduation. There ARE good reels at Full Sail, but only from the students who went out of their way to create it. I am trying to be one of those students, and if you go into this, you should be too.

The truth is no matter what school you go to, if you truly want it more than anyone else, you will go learn it. You will be very good at what you do if you seek it. I work night and day, including my own side projects, and I am on the 2 year accelerated program. I get very little sleep but I think of it in terms of how it is going to pay off.

A fellow student I know isn’t even graduated yet, is on the extended program (3 years, much slower pace, a lot of free time to work on your own projects), and he is already getting pulled out of school to go work at MPC. He is very talented because he made a conscious effort to be, and put in the hours to be.

It’s pretty much your dedication to this subject. It must be your passion.

I do not regret coming to Full Sail as I have built an amazing network here, and I plan on starting a company with a couple like-minded individuals that I have been working with in the future.

Hope this helps!


I think 2 year is very short. If you already know CGI since your 13-15 and practice it as a passion , 2 years could be enough , but if you start from scratch , mastering the artistry and the technical aspect of CG in 2 years is too short imo. Best school in France like Supinfo / Gobelins / ArtFX / Esma. has a 3 years programs but they ask a very good art background that take 2 additional years in general. So around 5 years …

I would not advise you to start with a VFX programs but instead with a 2 years non VFX graduation.

  • Computer Science degree for rigging / fx / shading / TD jobs
  • Photography / Cinematography for compositing / grading / Lighting
  • Drawing / Sculpt / Industrial Design / Architecture for Modeling / Texture / Lighting / Matte

During those 2 years in the generalist way , watch as many gnomon tutorials as you can, then go for a 2/3 year VFX programs …

Cause if unfortunatly you discover that VFX is not the job you have dream of in reality , you will have a B-Plan … :slight_smile:




Prateekr I would suggest gnomon and think tank if you are seeking for skills and a killing portfolio they won’t provide a work permit but the skills you get are worth it. Later on you can do a course from a public college and get a work permit and you are good to go.

My suggestion would be think tank online which is economic and you save a lot of money, by that saving join a public college.

You want a job in this feild?
Focus on your skills and create a killing portfolio which will stand out, focus on your particular skills excel yourself and apply for jobs overseas. Got luck you will be good to go, if not public college is the way.