VFS Modeling/Texturing Reel


Hi everybody,

I just graduated from VFS, here’s my demo reel - consisting of my best work of the last few months.


REVISED EDIT with music by System of a Down - ‘Spiders’.
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Kolby Jukes Demo Reel [26.8 MB]

MIRROR provided by rayfusion:bowdown:
Kolby Jukes Demo Reel [26.8 MB]

ORIGINAL EDIT / no music.
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Kolby Jukes Demo Reel [30.5 MB]

MIRROR provided by Malc0lm:bowdown:
Kolby Jukes Demo Reel [30.5 MB]

as well, here’s a Gallery with stills of my models and high-res samples of my textures.

I’m looking for work as a modeler/texturer. Thanks for looking, as always comments and crits are appreciated. As well, much thanks to all the CGtalkers for their helpful replies in my WIP threads.

-Kolby Jukes


404 :shrug:


You can’t stream it, you have to right click, SAVE TARGET AS


Great to see it finished kolby !, i been following your work for awhile now and i always loved it , your modelling and texturing is amazing !, congratulations on graduating and putting out an awesome demo , best of luck man , time for you to celebrate i think ,:beer:


“right click, save target as…”

thats the trick, always has and hopefully always will be :smiley: anywho, the reel is goin at 100kb/s …i’ll view it in a sec.

looks fabulous, if you happen to make any tutorials… let me know, i’ll be first in line :smiley:

Great job! :thumbsup:


I did do the right click save as thing and it was trying to save 404.php :surprised But anyways, just tried again and its working now. Ive seen a few of your things up on here before so im sure its going to be great :slight_smile:


glad that worked out…I was freaking out for a second.

Ray - thanks man, I hope things work out for you at VFS.


fantastic! a bit much on each part in the beginning. but that dosen’t matter much as the pieces are so well done. glad to see you got this up, good luck in your job hunt!


Well, the models and texturing jobs are absolutely great! But I have to say that the reel did drag on a little, it just seems like it took too long to look at each model, and I did feel kinda drawn to fast forward a little. Maybe some kinda background music as well?
Good luck with the job anyways, you deffinatly seem to have the skills! :slight_smile:


Looks fantastic … btw. what software did you use to model and texture your work?


Thanks so much for the front page plug!:applause:

Fellah + DJ Scorchio - based on your comments I just trimmed 20 seconds off my reel and added some music, I hope this helps. I’ll update the link in about 30, so check it out again if you feel up to the download.

xlars.dk - XSI for modeling (as well as a little Zbrush), and PS for texturing.


Impressive work! :thumbsup:
No doubt you’ll find a job soon with this level of quality!

You might want to compress your images a bit, though! They take ages to load (and that may put off a future employer!). With careful settings, no detail will be lost. Also check your antialiasing. No crits on the work itself though! :slight_smile:


You Did it, Buddy !( Hellboy version )

Wow…It’s really good to see your work in front page of CGTALK.
you been work hard for year. you definetly deserved this.

-_-ah, you don’t like beers…

p.s : well, I know you don’t wanna render again…but, your rotation has slow in-out…-_-;;; well, whatever…


Someone give this poor man a mirror :wip: hehe


damnit, seems to be a seasonal thing when the vfs servers just die

can anyone set up a mirror?


I figured the server would run out pretty quickly, I’ll check with some friends and see if I can get some more…

But if anyone has any free space and want to help me out I’d really appreciate it :bowdown:



I think that any school should at least provide for downloads of work so we can see your stuff. The vfs.com site doesn’t even come up. What a joke.




I’m sorry again about it dying…the VFS servers are truly lame. I’d already have a mirror up, but it looks like the surge in downloads has toasted the servers, including the main VFS site. So I can’t even give a potential mirror-er the file.

Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon. Thanks for being patient everybody.



well… we r waiting though…let’s hope it’ll be back up again …