Vertexpaint mask on displacement. is it possible?


Hello all,

I would like apply a mask to my vraydisplacementmod via VertexPaint. I tried using a mix map and referencing vertexpaint to the mix map. However I do not get the desired affect for some reason. Basicly I dont want to have displacement at the areas that I painted on VertexPaint but all the other areas. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Displace.max (572 KB)

Obviously, I’ve painted it opposite to what you want, so

  1. bucketfill everything with black
  2. paint with white whereever you DON’T want to displace.


Hi Vusta thank you very much for this I really appreciate. Could you send the file in 2016 format? I use 2016. Thanks a lot!


here’s 2016. I’ve painted it correctly this time. In the Displacemod, my amount is -4, if you want the displace to go other way, simply negate it and make it 4.
Displace_2016.max (564 KB)


Thank you so much for the conversion. I figured the problem I am having. I wasnt using the 3dmap under displacement. Fixed it!


Looks like you mixed vertex color with something and you get displacement everywhere

Simplest way for masking is to use “mask” map and put vert. col. in mask slot.
Paint however is easier, there’s checkbox 'invert mask ’


pic CLEARLY shows displacement in some areas, completely flat in others…that is NOT everywhere to my eyes.