Venom :: Spiderman Venom


Thank you so much friend.
Yes, your’re right… I need to add more veins around mouth and face parts like you upload the image

I appreciate it ~!


i dont understand why there is only one reply here. i think your body sculpt is really nice and the pose looks very much like venom. seems like he is jumping or hunting someone.
the only thing i see is that the neck seems to be to big. do you have a ref picture? may be its just me


Thank you for your comments.
I appreciate it .

Of course i have concept for this… but the concept that i used, I download from internet…
so I don’t know who has drawn it…

This is a main concept .
Actually I changed the pose compare the concept…

(Ah~! Forget about the eyes part, also i roughly sculpting to see the mood… sorry )

And this is a overoll looking test.
I just simply , quickly made this rock and want to get feeling and idea for the future…

I really welcome to read comments…
Thank you again picaboo !

p.s I am still WIP :slight_smile:


I love this interpretation of venom :smiley: the huge neck and mouth bring a bit of uniqueness to this classic character. Here’s a few suggestions for your dynamic pose.

Looking forward to seeing more!


Hi artquest, how are you doing?

wow, i didn’t expect that kind of comment using photoshop and draw for me.

I really appreciate your comment.
I can notice what you are talking about.
That’s is cool man.

Thank you a lot Really appreciate it.

Hope to see you again ~!


hey guys how are you

here are some images .

i did texture work on the body.

I think i should model some spit around the month and tongue…

always comments are welcome. and thank you very much.



really Great … i can’t imagine that you can do this great modeling and concept

cool :slight_smile: KEEP IT UP BRO

very nice

Tarek :applause:


Thank you bro. :bowdown:

As you can read from the first article that i posted ,
The Concept hadn’t drown by me :rolleyes:
I hope I can draw like that… but honestly I didn’t draw that concept.
I download from google for my reference…
Thank you again your kindly comment and hope you doing gooood man

Thanks :wavey:


I decided to put more detail of the body web.

here is WIP shot…

thank you :bounce:


here is few update shots.

I added the sipderweb, and change colors.

I hope you guys like it…

I welcome to read comments and ideas, advices . Thank you. !

Thank you for watching and see you~


I agree with a previous poster, that this is an awesome interpretation of the character. Your model and pose are great!

I know you said that you found the reference from the internet, but do you happen to know what series of comics this is from? Just curious, cause I’ve been away from comics for many years now, and I would be interested in seeing the story behind this version of the character.

My only critique would be to add a little more dynamic saliva. Kind of like have it splash up and around the head. I think it would give this particular pose a lot of motion and add some power to a very powerful model.

Great work. I’ll have to keep my eye on this on :applause:


hey what’up.
thank you for your advice man
I really appreciate it.

I tried to change color of web, but i decided to use red tone.
if someone has any idea, feel free to leave the comment… plz

Thank you again :slight_smile: :beer:


I’m really getting more of a Carnage feel with the red web. I would play around with black or grey, maybe purple? I would think about texture contrast over color.
Very good though it’s more animalistic than previous versions I’ve seen.


hey what’s up. thank you so much

yeah, i tired it, deep blue, light blue, green, purple, violet, etc.

sometimes I feel more creativity with red.

I just afraid that what if it looks small figure style… (it depends on the camera angle :smiley: )

anyway thank you for your comments man .

I appreciate it.

see ya~ :buttrock:


I was surprised,Very good model! Good job!


Hello fxpain, LOVE the model though personally preferred the grey webbing on the suit, the red brings out the character more but for pure awesomeness like the darker shades…


Thank you for your comment.

yes, i’ll try to make it dark and post it, hopefully people give me nice advice ^^

Thank you again, i appreciate it

hope to see you.



I tried to put different color of web.

Thank you for watching. and hope to see you guys in other artwork.

Thank you again.



Awesome work. Loving the dynamic feeling in the piece and the motion. Seems like he is ready to jump on someone. Looking forward to your next update!



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