Venom hunter, robin benes (3D)


Great job with this character! simply awesome!


Great piece of work:buttrock: You put a lot of effort into the small details and it shows. Did the idea for the skull on the bow come from Diablo?, cause I see a Soul stone in the other renders you provided.


Plaguedude - thank you :slight_smile: will see which way things move :slight_smile:
unwrap - thanks :slight_smile:
tlggungor - thank you for your comment… i had the camera lower,but seemed for me a bit more chaotic and harder to read.
Jassar - thanks :slight_smile:
droarty - Thank you Dan :)happy you like it
BrandonCaedesLiebenberg - thanks for the comment! about the gem - yes i was thinking about some socketed bone bow like weapon,but later few ppl mentoined Diablo,soulstone,Diablos´ skull etc,so i removed that to keep the wow universe as i remember it from years ago when i was radiding :slight_smile:

hope my english is fine and you understand :smiley:

thanks to all!



Great work Robin, amazing details! :thumbsup:


THANK YOU FOR THE AWARD!!really HAPPY :bounce::arteest:


Yes! Well deserved, gratulations!


Amazing, mind disturbing, the details are on a far more advance level that i can take.

Your work should be carried over 3dmovies, i’ve been looking at it for quite few years now.

Really top of the row in my opinion.

Congrats Robin


wow,so great!5 stars!


Greets for the award (well deserved).
Though I myself am not a great fan of WoW, I appreciate the feeling of this charachter.
Others have said it, but I agree: details are stunning.


Wow, that is amazing work. I can almost read the “BRAWLARWLLARLAWRL!” from his lips :slight_smile:
I love the cob webs they look very realistic
maybe you could have used even more of it.

You should really send those Warcraft related renderings of yours over to Blizzard, maybe they’ll hire you for their motion picture project.

Congratulations to the to top page and the, award by the way. You deserve it :slight_smile:


Please show us your shader configuration in max and how you achive such beautifull displacement in rendering!! Congrats top row :slight_smile: keep it going mate!


Amazing work man, really, inspiring.

and thanks for postind the wip here and in your website, I can say that I’m going to see things in a different way now. So many details … and the mood of the scene…

great work, I’m still ‘zooing’ in every corner ! rs



The best !:wip:


Just awesome. Congrats!


you should win a prize for a masterpiece like this…great job


Love the detail, looks really great - congrats! :slight_smile:


Amazing work, love the texture :slight_smile:


THANK YOU ALL for your nice comments:)really appreciate that!
currently working on a making of this piece showing everything from modeling,materials,lighting…

thank you all for your support




Can’t wait!! :slight_smile: great idea TES


very nicely done, I really like this stylized appearance of the murloc creatures, the only thing that I could critique about it is way it’s holding its bow and arrow, it seems like it needs a less static pose, they seem just sort of wedged in the claws/hands.

but amazing job on the detail, did you say you did all the modeling in zbrush? or which programs did you say you used for the model creation?