Venom hunter, robin benes (3D)


Title: Venom hunter
Name: robin benes
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3D-Coat, 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi all,
after a long time i finished some old/new personal piece.

It´s a Murloc creature - people who play World of Warcraft will know
This one is more clever and advanced hunter located in a spider cave looking for some rare venom.

modelling with Zbrush and 3dsMax,Photoshop for textures and final composition,Mental Ray for rendering and Hair Farm for hair and fur.


here are some more shots from wip process


Hi Robin.
Nice to see you here again. Cool work like usually. Amazing details. I like this so much.


wooooowwww so detailed work. awesome design


Amazing work. Modeling/sculpting work, as well as texture/shading are all top class.

My only major critic is that I feel his posture can be improved. The limbs on both sides of the body feel almost symmetric (from this view at least)

It also took a while to get the idea how he held the bow & arrow, which still seems kinda odd. Also, (at least for me) it took a while to realize the left eye is…the left eye. At first I thought it was part of his nostril or his nose (I am not familiar with WOW).

How do you make the spider webs by the way. Looks very complex to be done in 3D, or is it 2D? Just a question.


thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

PKD - spider webs are all 3d .its a combination of CobWebs script and Zbrush tuning.on the ground area webs you can find some waterdrops on them.

anyway to your comments.
the bow -idea was to have his hand covered and protected with the the wrapped skull while he holds the bow.
eye is a bit covered with the tongue - Gecko lizards clean their eyes with their tongue,so thats why i did that.




Thanks for the explanation. I just googled cobweb scripts, guess its for MAX only now, pity as I am a Maya user.

& for your info, I enjoy your works in the gallery, especially love the Goblin pirate. :wink:


Amazing modeling! Only thing is that it could be a little better lighting to pop those nice modeling details, maybe some rim to the right or left side. But overall very nice work !


Excelent work with material on head of hunter;) amazin eye and tongue)
Love it. Awesome spiders and spider webs and eggs nest ) :beer:
keep it up bro :wink:


awesome as always :thumbsup:


I already said it, but this is just awesome, amount of details is exceptional!

great work


thank you guys :slight_smile:
Kibo+shinnok+Filip - diky Vam borci :):beer:


Real Sweet. :slight_smile:


There’s a story here and I’m willing to play a game or watch a movie to find out more :slight_smile: Really nice work here.




lildragon - thanks so much for the top row:bowdown:


Fantastic murloc, I knew what it was as soon as I saw the full image. If you haven’t already, you should submit this to the Blizzard Fan Art Gallery, there’s no way this wouldn’t get added.


Great atmosphere and amazing detail. Magnificent work! :buttrock:


Fantastic :slight_smile: and different work style :beer:
onyl one critic : the camera could be better than lookin 'at the bottom


I have to say, even the WIP images are awesome.


Wow! Robin, just amazing work (like always!)
Can’t say enough good things, terrific and top notch quality like always…