Velocity Variance with FLIP Fluid


Is there a way to have a velocity variance with a FLIP fluid like you can with a POP particle?


yes you can create your own velocity. You can also use the pop forces with FLIP, is all points.


So what node should I use for velocity?

Sorry I’m very new to this.


you could do it before going in SOPs or when you are in DOPs and for example you could use a Pop Vop, Wrangle or even pop force in the particle velocity.

If you have .hip post it and I can have a look.


I’ve inputted a popsource into the flipsolver and I think this is working.

Not sure how to use the wrangle or the popvop, haven’t gotten to that yet.

Here’ s my test scene… pretty simple, just a source emitter shooting fluid along the X axis.

Test Fluid


gotcha, so that is what you want to do? what is the goal?


I’m trying to do a blood splat that basically shoots out the side.


Here is a more controllable version, you have velocity variations as well as some viscosity, you can play with the values to get what you want.


Awesome man thank you so much!