Vehicle: Batmobile of "Batman Begins"


Hello. It’s been awhile since I did som 3D modeling, and the other day I got inspired when watching “Batman Begins”. I’m going to model the new Batmobile, and when I’m done hopefully animate it too using ReelMotion.

My first step was to find good reference pictures, and I found some amazing ones at


Okay I began modelling the rear wheels, then the base of the jet engine and front tires. Here’s a screenshot and a simple test render.


There will be a lot of detail, I want it to look as real as possible, even at high resolution. I think I will do the bumps in the front tires using bump-mapping rather than modelling though.


i really like the design of this car, hopefully you will achieve the feel of it. But im sure thats going to be alright because this is a very fine start.

Keep it up!


Thanks Wybl, yes it’s a really cool design. If I have the time I will try to do a composition with the Batmobile cruising the streets of Stockholm :slight_smile:

Ok, now I’m starting a really tricky part, modelling all those plates of the body. I decided to start with the front “forks”. It was a bit hard to see how things really look, so I outlined the piece in red to make the references less confusing, as you can see below. This way I can isolate the piece I’m working on at the moment and also clarify it’s shape. I will be working like this throughout the process.

Just began shaping those forks… It’s tricky to get them just right, and since I will be modelling everything else from what I have now I’m careful that every step is right to avoid a disaster in the end…

Ok, enough blabbering, this is the first draft of the forks, comment if you like.

/ Petter


At first when i saw the new Bat mobile i was like, what the hell have they done, then i saw the thing moving and fell in love…i wish i could buy one:)

Nice start Pttr, it is going to be a big task, but i think you have it completely under control.

Please keep us updated.


looking nice so far
here are some more photo’s, i think you’ll find use for the side shot.


Thanks a lot Blaize! Those will definitely come in handy! :beer:

I’ve decided to create a “low poly” of all the body plates before I add details to them…

Small update:


i love this…nice project man, i really enjoy the progress so far…
how did u do the tires? is it displacement?
Cheers and keep it up


that’s beggining impresivly ^^
keep going , you re on the good way to severally rock it !


some more…


Thanks a lot guys! Thank you Oglu for the pictures, these are very good. It’s very difficult to see exactly how things are shaped and separated, these pictures will definitely help me.

Another small update, the progress is a little slow since i first have to figure out what i’m modeling and then get the shape right. As I mentioned, details and thickness of plates will be added later. Feel free to c&c the overall shape of things!



Grashupfa, about the tires, the base is revolve NURBS and the details are polygons. I modelled the tire “flat” first, a little hard to explain, and then used a Bend deformer to make it circular. If someone wants me to explain the process more detailed with pictures, just ask ok!

Question: Is it spelled “modeling” or “modelling”? :slight_smile:


Ah yea, i think i can imagine which technique u used…thx for the explanation =)
btw: it is spelled ‘modelling’ :slight_smile:

impressive work so far, keep it up dude :thumbsup:


FINALLY someone doing the BATMOBILE !! i’ve been waiting for this !
looking really good so far, BOOKMARKED! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Simon. This is a really tough task, I have came a bit further but the progress is slooow. Hopefully it will be easy to add detail once I have this frame built up. Please comment on the overall shape of things, is something out of proportion?

Now I’ll get some sleep but I will keep posting my progress tomorrow.


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