Vector: Coca Cola Can


Vector I worked on a couple weeks ago, took me 3 hours or so. It was never completed, but it looks pretty good :slight_smile:


Judging by the inconsistency in the lettering and some fudging on the bordering colors - I would of guessed this was something washed thru Streamline or a similair program rather than ‘created’ from scratch…

Apologizes if my assumption is incorrect…



This was created in Photoshop CS using the pen tool, which is the reason why some areas are as round as others. This was my 2-4 vector, so it isnt perfect.


I see…



whatever, it pwnz! <-----------I HATE that stupid “word” lol!


why using a bitmap software to make vector images? use the right soft like illustrator or freehand, you’ll have more possibilities to make shapes, gradients, etc. but i have to agree with TheNeverman, your pic looks like a trace bitmap. do more observations, don’t hesitate to stylise or try to reach photorealistic gradients. but not with photoshop :slight_smile:
nice start anyway! keep on workin’


i think it could use a lot more gradation or meshing. i guess it depends on what style your going for. if you’re going for photoreal, i would definately be much stronger with the gradients and add much more contrast. also, since you’re in photoshop, i would add a layer for the reflection.
however, if you’re not going for the photoreal look but rather the vectorized look, i would pole the other direction and take out the gradients that you have and make the edges much sharper and more defined.


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