VDB import not rendering


Hey Ive opened a .vdb volumetric cloud file. Put it in the volume mesher and the volume builder to smooth it out but now it wont render. What am i missing? R20


Is it an SDF or a Fog volume? SDF is interpreted as mesh while Fog needs volume rendering. In R21 you can do that with ProRender.


its SDF…So can it be rendered in R20? what do i have to use in Pro render to see it? The default settings nothing still shows up


The volume mesher will create a polygon surface for an SDF, this can be rendered with any renderer.
Is a mesh being created? Do you actually use the volume mesher or are you only looking at the volumetric preview, which can’t be rendered?


This is what i have. How do i get this to render as is? i dont care if i have to convert it whatever. I want this so i can map a cloud texture onto it and make it look like a cloud.

btw i put a plain material on it and it didnt help


Swap mesher and builder :slight_smile:


It completely screws up my setting but i will fix that. This order makes no sense to me though. You would think the builder would parent the mesher because it is smoothing


It’s not so much about the smoothing.
It’s more about how C4D inherently works. Parametric objects are so called generators. They take their child (or children) as input and provide internally a “cache” (a polygonal version) of whatever it generates from the inputs.

With this, the builder first builds a volume and provides it as cache to the input of its parent. This volume can then be taken as input by the parent mesher to generate the polygonal representation.