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Hi there!

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This is a matte painting for my final year university animation project. It is designed to sit in the background, with a 2D animated character (small, carrying wheat) passing in the foreground. I would really like some feedback on what people feel from this image… does the image convey the setting (perhaps try guessing where it is, so i can judge how accurate i am getting… I’ll let you know where it is set in a day or so) ? How could i maximise the emotional impact of this shot? I want to give a feeling of how vast the landscape is - the scale of the mountains. Just feel free to comment on any other emotional aspects that come to mind.

I would be very appreciative of anyone who takes the time to give me some feedback. I will be working on this piece over the next couple of days- updating regularly.

Word out to the CG Talk Massif!!! Cheers… :slight_smile:


looks good, and i’m sure will only look better once the animation is complete!
the only things i might suggest would be to increase the amount of fog if you want to really convey a sense of scale, and to tint the image in a direction to help convey the feeling (the time of day… the weather… the characters emotion etc)

one more thing, its difficult to get a sense of the scale because its hard to recognise the objects on the nearest mountain…
trees and some horses I believe… if you made these a little more easily distinguished, you might get a much better sense of scale (and it would also give it a sense of detail… ie… detailing small areas helps to disguise and distract the viewer from a larger lack of detail)
also, if they are horses, why are they there? wild horses? is there a house nearby? is this even hospitable terrain?

its also a little difficult to ‘read’ the steepness of the nearest large green hill… perhaps some rocky sorta bluffs in some of the higher inclines might help here, or perhaps the detail of trees and horses, in perspective along the height of the hill will convey this better

part of me sees tibet… part of me sees vietnam… looks good tho… would love to see the final scene!



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