V-RayMax Converter PRO - professional tool for every CG artist


New version V-RayMax Converter PRO is out!

V-RayMax Converter PRO is the professional version of maxscript, formerly known as “V-RayMtl Converter”. This new generation converter was released after version 3 and has various new features and improvements: support for more materials, maps and other scene components, more choice of materials to convert, interaction with converter functions through built-in maxscript methods (API), as well as more flexible conversion options and scene adjustments.

The following render engines are currently supported for conversion to V-Ray: Default Scanline (Standard), Corona Renderer, FStorm Render, Octane Render, finalRender, Arnold (basic), and as additional - NVIDIA iray (unofficial) and Brazil Advanced materials. A more detailed list of materials, maps and other scene components supported for conversion can be found here.

More detailed information about the new features and capabilities of the converter can be found here: http://maxtools.3dzver.ru/vmcpro or here: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/v-raymax-converter-pro

Also, on this V-RayMax Converter PRO Telegram channel you can read about all the updates and leave your suggestions for improvements and new features.