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So I don’t really know how to sum this up. I just started using V-Ray and I need it for a simple setup. A room with no windows, so no V-Ray sun to be added. I wanted to setup the room first before I head onto doing the fine details like the mapping since I never know how it looks like with different light settings. Therefore I simply added a wood picture as diffuse map for the ground. And I have an object in the room to see how it reacts to shadows. Now, since all tutorials start somewhere else and they often use the V-Ray sun I tried to set it up on my own. I added a physical V-Ray cam, I added different lights and it looks pretty nice to my standarts. The only problem is, I’d like the objects to cast some shadows. At the moment you don’t really see any shadow at all.

When I add a V-Ray sun however the shadows are there, so I don’t believe it has to do with the floor or the map itself. I tried lowering the light source to make the shadows longer, I tried to make the light source more intense but it would never work. At some point I had a shadow but then I somehow managed to delete it again. Then I read that you can adjust the shutterspeed and F-number and many more settings to make your scene brighter without having to play with the intensity. Because it seems like that if you increase the intensity too much you will have too much light reflecting back from the walls that there is no dark spot anymore. So I scaled it down to below 1000 lm which should be around a regular light bulb and therefore increased the camera settings to a point where it was quite bright in the room again. Still I don’t seem to be able to get a shadow with a regular V-ray light like a sphere. As I said it only works with the V-Ray sun.

Do you have any ideas what parameters I need to check to improve my set-up a bit?

All help is gladly appreciated,
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