UV Workflow GoZ


Let’s say I have a mesh that has 7 subdivision levels, all of the details are sculpted on the highest, and polypaint is complete. Now I noticed that the UV is causing stretching and I need to redo the UV job. Usually I use GoZ and go to Maya, then GoZ back into Zbrush. BUT now I want to use Headus UV Layout, which requires an .obj file. After I save out the .obj file, the link is broken when I bring it back to Zbrush and the mesh no longer has its polypaint and details…How can I redo the UV with UV Layout and not have this problem? Please Help!!!


Once your polypainted model is active on the ZB canvas the UVs of the re-imported .obj from Headus should automatically be applied. Or alternatively, you could even copy/paste the UVs in uvmaster from one to the other.


If musashidan’s ideas don’t work for you then you can project the details level by level onto your modified obj.


Thank you both for your suggestions. The issue I was having is fixed by not using GoZ to Maya first, but just export the obj directly from Zbrush then load into Headus directly. I was using Maya as part of the UV workflow but I guess something gets broken with GoZ maybe. Anyways thanks again, I have this working now.


Hi there, I got the same problem as you. 5 years later… is it still not fixed? For some PRJ files, it works fine. For others, once I got the subtool back in ZBrush, I copy its UVs, go back a few times in history (to get my polypaint back) then paste my UVs.

Please, enlighten me… It’s suppose to work right? Or, is my workflow not the good one?