UV to Object like functionality in R20


Hey folks, since Welter seems not to port his awesome plugins to R20 (sadly, but thanks for the years of support!) - I will be in dire need of this object to UV functionality. I often need to edit UV-Maps with the modeling tools and minor touchups are done fast, too - without switching over to rizom.

Does anyone here have an alternative, or would be willing to participate with a crowdfunding or similar?

Thank you very much! It is a little sad, that Maxon deems editing (and mirroring) UVs with its own modeling tools unnecessary…


I don’t think they deem it as unnecessary. I just think they are veeeerrrrryyyy slow to update such things. They have openly said they are working on the UV tools, but I can’t venture a guess as to when we will see those.

Have you ever tried using 3D Coat? It’s UV tools are astoundingly good.


Yeah mayne I worded that harshly, I apologize. I just think ot is a core functionality to be able to mirror and edit UVs with the same tools I edit polys.

I posted here in hope to be not forced to switch between apps… UV to Object, Mirror Point Position and Skinprops Undertow model these functionalities extremely well though. Or at least did.

I want to take a look at rizom though…



Oh no worries. I feel just as strongly about it.

There are many little things in C4D that make me wonder what they were thinking or why they haven’t updated them, (or fixed long-standing legacy issues) but the lack of strong UV Tools is a very sore point.

We need proper/modern/fast UV tools and the ability to easily create tiled UDIMs. That would quickly set my pipeline up to be much more efficient.

Currently I do a lot of app switching which is unfortunate. Still don’t know where I’d be without C4D though. I guess that’s why I tend to be passionate about wanting things fixed or added.


Are you me?? :smiley: I absolutely LOVE C4D. With a passion. Im so glad we have it at work here at BMW. That is also, why I would encurage plugin devs and Maxon to give the UV Tools the little magic glitter dust <3