UV problem


I am creating a conical pot with a label. I have unwrapped the UVs for the label correctly so they are in a curve. I have created a texture of the label artwork on a curve that fits this UV map.

When I create a material with the texture and apply it to the label object, the UV map I created gets distorted and the texture doesn’t fit.

I know I’m doing something simple wrong, but what am I missing here?


I’ve fixed it by scaling the UVs again, but why do they distort when I bring in the texture?


What kind of distortion ? You say you fixed it with a simple scale…

Did I understand correctly ? - You edited it in Photoshop and reimported it back in C4D ?


No I scaled the UVs to match.

I created the curved UVs from the conical label, then took an image of the UVs into photoshop, and warped my label artwork to match the curved UVS.

When I created the material back in c4d and applied it to the label, the UVs got distorted and needed scaled to non-uniformly to match the texture.


You should have pressed the “Reload Image”.


I guess any new image import whould need a new UV adjustment… Or Photoshop saved the image with different specs like DPI…


Please post some screenshots. Without, it’s pure speculation, what the problem is.