UV Layout / Repainting / Re-texturing?


Hi guys, I’ve been using Maya for a while and think I have accumulated some decent enough experience in regards to working with UV’s.

I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of laying out UV’s that already have matching textures, I.E., layout multiple UV Shells together and stitch together their associated textures (colors, bump maps, etc) into a single texture file.

Currently I export a .IFF file from Maya with the snapshots and have to move around my layers manually in Photoshop, but it’s really a huge time sync, and sometimes I get a pixel off or so, which results in me having to fix it again.

This happens to me quite often, where I already have textures but end up modifying a model, and I know I can now fit what was previously two separate UV Shells into one easily.

It doesn’t look like Maya supports this natively, does anyone happen to know any software/tools that can achieve this automatic texture-repainting/uv-layout? I don’t even know if a name for this sort of thing exists.



Do you mean that you want several objects and their UVs to share a single texture space? So that you would line up diffuse, bump, etc. into single files to fit that texture space, but work across multiple models and their UV layouts?


Use mari or substance painter to texture your models.