Using Maya and Lightwave


Ive been searching for tips from using Lightwave as a Maya user.

I have a scene that I need to use a bunch of individual parts each with their own textures in a complex scene. This is a Lightwave file.

My question is how do I export an .fbx file that contains all the correct information to connect each texture with its corresponding part so i can assemble the scene in Maya. I know the UV’s are set up in lightwave. Im not sure how to view them and to make sure that information carries over as well to Maya on the export.

Hope that was clear if not too complex.


FBX should be pretty much straightforward. Basically all you have to do in Layout is use the usual File/Export/ExportFBX Dialogue. I would suggest using FBX2014 for Maya. All other options that are active by default very likely provide a good start. You might need to adjust the “Scale Scene” option, though…

For further help - and a more frequented forum - I would suggest you go to:

there you can find plenty of very helpful folks…


UVs in lightwave are found under the maps tab.
Save your file as a LWO (lightwave Object) then in the upper right hand corner press the send object to Layout.

Then as stated above you can export as FBX from Layout.


FBX interchange between LW and Maya works well. If you are using Maya 2016 you may have to roll back FBX file format to an earlier version if exporting to LW.

LW colours and texture maps should show up in Maya OK but values such as specularity and luminosity may need tweaking.

What is especially good is that any endomorphs are preserved and work like a charm in Maya.