Using Class to to create base UI setup


hi everyone, I am currently trying to create a class to call on various python files to use as a base for creating my different UIs.

Since I’m quite a beginner in scripting, I’m not very good at it, and would like to have the help of someone on my small problem.

here’s my ui_base_setup:This text will be hidden

from maya import cmds
import os
def _null(*args):
class _ui():

def __init__(self, name="customName", title='', winWidthHeight=(0,0), s=True): = name
    self.width = winWidthHeight[0]
    self.color = colorUI = []
    with open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "colors.dat"), 'r') as f:
        for i in f:

            x = float(i)




    self.window = cmds.window(, title = title, wh = winWidthHeight, s = s)


def _deleteUI(self):
    if cmds.window(, exists=True):

def build(self):


def addButton(self, name, label, align, height, command, buttonName):
    buttonName = cmds.button(name, l = label, align = align, bgc = self.color, w = self.width, h = height, command = command)

and here’s my other file where I call the function

from maya import cmds
import os

from importlib import reload

colorUI = []

from WB_Utils.shelves import ui_base

class load(ui_base._ui):

def build(self):

    self.addButton('test', label = 'testReussis', align = 'center', height = 30, command='', buttonName = 'test')
    cmds.formLayout(attachForm = [('test', 'top', 100), ('test', 'left', 5)])

but when using the cmds.formLayout it asks for the button name, but when I provide it it just tells me that in the class from the main file, this button doesn’t exist…

does someone have an idea on how to accomplish this?

My only solution is to rely on only columnLayout… but the formLayout is better since you can uspcale your windows after…