is not executed despite being in path


I have a Maya.env file with this line:

…and a file on that path.

In Maya I can see that /Users/myuser/blabla/something/maya has been added just fine.

import sys

import os

Both of these say that my path is added, but even though this is the case my is not executed at all during Maya startup. I have prints in the Python file and I see no output in the script editor and my code doesn’t run.

What is going on?


I think the should go inside maya/scripts or maya/maya20xx/scripts in order to be picked up. Let me know how it goes :grinning:


I migrated the code in to userSetup.mel and it runs just fine now.
There is something odd going on about the Python version of this file - and by odd I mean something regarding Maya’s startup behavior.