Users Currently Viewing


Used to create a list of people who are viewing the current gallery entry, blog post, etc etc.

A meta list of all users is also generated - currently it’s only being used to show how many people are using CGPortfolio.


Sweet. :slight_smile:


Same rules as CGTalk? In other words, I can remain invisable (ninja-style!) :smiley:


One thing I noticed with the users viewing feature is that if you click on name of a person viewing you are taken to their CGP vs. their profile. One thing I like about the profile is that I can find a person’s other threads and posts to the general forums. This often tells me tons of useful information.

 I can get to the person's CGP from their profile as well as their posts / threads they've posted, but can't find their posts / threads from their CGP. The profile feature here on CGTalk is actually a feature which I really like / prefer over other sites, where it is harder to find peoples' previous posts / threads.

Is it possible to add into the CGP the same information as you would get from a profile? Eg, signature, previous threads / posts, send a pm / email, etc. Eg will the CGP eventually be replacing the member profile and if so, I hope it carries over all of the same features as the member profile currently has. Maybe the profile becomes a new tab or something?


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