Useful HDR lighting tool for Houdini


Hello, I’m just letting you know we have updated our HDR Light Studio plug-in connection to Houdini. I am sharing it here to spread the word, you may find it useful.

You can now create both HDRI lighting and Area Lights inside Houdini using HDR Light Studio.
We have added support for Redshift Renderer too, so we now support: Mantra, Arnold and Redshift.
Using HDR Light Studio you can light shots faster with a huge library of lighting content at your finger tips, that can be positioned on your model with drag and drop ease.
The nice thing about it is you can concentrate on lighting from the camera point of view, with no need to navigate in 3D to place lights, this is done for you using LightPaint.

Here is a video demo showing it in action with Houdini and Redshift. We have been getting a good responce to this video, which is why I am sharing it here.


If you have any questions about HDR Light Studio and how it works with Houdini, drop an email to
We can answer any questions.

There is also a free fully functional 15 day trial if you fancy trying it out. Go to:
Many thanks