USDZ Exporter issue

filePath =  (maxfilepath + trimRight (maxFileName) ".max" + "\\" + "final.usdz")
opt = USDExporter.CreateOptions()
opt.FileFormat = #usdz
ExportFile filePath #noPrompt exportOptions:opt selectedOnly:true

This gives me an error unless I export the file manually first.

UsdExporter error : #binary or #ascii are not valid file formats for the “.usdz” extension, consider using #usdz instead.

I think it has something to do with the file needing the .usdz extension before it can export a usdz. Anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?


from pymxs import runtime as mxs

myfile = “filePath”

opts = mxs.USDExporter.CreateOptions()

opts.FileFormat = “#usdz

mxs.USDExporter.exportFile( myfile, exportOptions=opts)

Tried with python but get the same response back.


Try this instead for the line to run the export:

USDExporter.ExportFile filePath exportOptions:opt nodeList:selection

When using the parameters that are non-standard for the ExportFile() function in Max, you need to run it as a method of USDExporter.