Usability feedback - Convert selection to


In the interests of a fast ‘zen’ workflow, I believe that the way converting selections is done currently could be improved.

Currently, if I select a face, and want the edge selection of those faces, I understand there is a menu item to do so:

  • Selection -> Convert Selection To -> Edges

I have noticed that the manipulator also seems ‘off’ with the selection (not aligning flat with the edges as they do in face mode, also the axes seem to change around. Perhaps there is something I am not understanding here as I am a bit new to Silo 3D.

What I would prefer is for the software to do the busy work here, where the software automatically converts between selected faces, edges and vertices when I switch between those selection modes. Examples of this can be seen in Blender and Nvil.

Example Blender Note alignment and axes do not seem to change

Example Nvil Note alignment and axes do not seem to change either


I am not sure why the manipulator is acting a bit goofy - could be something odd going in the the geometry.

If you hold shift when switching modes (a s d) your selection will convert.

And of course you can simply remap the commands to just a s d without shift. I am surprised I didn’t think to do this before now - the new select boundary edges is now mapped to shift s.

Edit 2. I notice using convert selection as the main mode changer introduces the need to click the mouse before components can be selected. I’ll give it more time but I think this will start to bug me.


Thanks for the tip about holding shift. I can’t think why this wouldn’t be the default method of switching between selection modes.
Thinking about the process, how many times would you rather your selections be converted VS you would rather them NOT be converted?

Following on from your second edit, yeah, I’m noticing the need to click before making more selections too :expressionless:

Also related to all of this, I have been trying to find a way to unselect a single vertex, edge, face if I have selected too many. Any clues on how to do that without redoing an entire selection? I noticed there is a separate selection undo command, but that would remove the entire selection when doing something like a paint selection.


I ended up putting it back how it was. I didn’t like how every component was selected when switched from object mode to a component mode. I note that blender does the same when switching to edit mode.
I don’t find myself often needing to convert a current selection when changing modes so having it on shift is fine. And this is the first time I can recall anyone mentioning it as an issue for them. Depends what you are used to I guess :]

You should open the mouse setting and note the various assignments. To subtract from a selection use SHIFT ALT LMB. There is much that can be configured to suit if you don’t care for the defaults.


Thanks, I’ll give them a look over. I guess I’m really used to shift left clicking once to select then shift left clicking again to deselect (toggling I guess). I’d even settle for using control and left click like windows explorer does.


You can get that behaviour by setting SHIFT LMB to “select visible compliment” (CTRL SHIFT LMB by default)